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Operation Beowulf 2.0

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Changes/New Features for 2.0 include:
-Ammo and Health Drops!
-3 Levels with increasing difficulty!
-New and Clearer hover-over text for Instructions Screen!
-More supporting text!
-Mute button added!


Here is one of my favorite homework assignments:

Make a vertical shooting game.

The full title of this is called Super Robot Wars Missions: Operation Beowulf.

Why Beowulf?

Well, it's actually not homage to Kyosuke/Kyousuke Nanbu's codename "Beowulf," or the Geshpenst Mk-III Incident in the world of Lamia Loveless (W-17)/Axel Almer.

It's actually a nod to the original Beowulf, who died heroically fighting a dragon.

Short back story:
It's been a bit since the Second L2 Conflict and the defeat of SternRegisseur by the Hagane/Hiryu Kai Team.

Recently, a new type of hostile enemy has been seen, dubbed "AGX-16 Dragon," and many space stations and colonies have been destroyed.

A recent attack has left your space colony (in the L3 Area) quite low on defense, and you're the only one keeping the "Dragons" at bay.

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I am a super Robot Wars fan my self

Some minor complaints..

Its pretty much endless. You should make the Gespenst a little more custmoizable such as removing certain weapons and adding some. Also bosses. Juddeca, Dikaites, Dumminas, Perfecuto, Shuu, Vindel and then Beowulf.

Now i like the fact you added a mug shoot of your character it made it feel still like its SRW one thing i would've done is make the HP bar look more like an HP bar from SRW. Also different units such as Huckieben, Ashsaber, etc.


i decided to take another look at this game and my first opinion was wrong this game is pretty good but to tell you the truth i didn't know where the red dots were coming from?? but overall the gameiskinda addicting

its.. doesn't makes sense..

no enemies, but there are random red dots??
it doesn't make sense. how about only the dragons that can shoot?

rather than BNM (the button you use) how about ZXC? it's easier because I have big hand and its hard for me to use BNM.

I lost one health because of the red dot touch the wing, but I didn;t get the item when the item touch the wing? be consisten.

the ship was too slow. how can you dodge all those random dots with slow ship?

the special attack.. kinda silly for me.. not about the attack, it's about a guy came out of nowhere, distract the game.

using the split missile.. I cannot see the red dot's for a while and guess what? I lost 4 health because of it.

I give you 6 because you are improved.

Good start, could use some tweaks.

I like the concept, and decent start.

The graphics are nice,
although (and this is just my opinion)
I find the game screen very cluttered.

The intro is nice, no complaints.

The issues start when we get to the homescreen.

I meant cluttered in the way that there is much useless information, and th texting seems off. If the text might have been smaller, then the screensize would seem more effecient.
Currently it looks like you tried to cram a 40inch monitor into a 20inch.

The top title.. Yes its nice that it shows many potential models.
But no clear instruction on how to swap to another, or if even possible.

On the topic, rather then pop open boxes, am suggesting tabs on the side.
One tab for the mech models to choose,
One as weaponry explanation.
One for options,
and the last for credits.

While the pop up boxes give you information, it doesn't really fit on such a screen with the text.

Mech wise, its nicely drawn, i like the thruster and boost effects.

Weaponry, honestly, its nice that there's so much gear.
But confusion kicks in swiftly, Immediately able to grasp and understand which button fires what with which particular ammo is not something most players can pick up fast.

Rather then slamming all the weapons on your mech at once, suggesting to start with the basics and letting you "earn" the others as upgrades.
Given your kill ratio per level [only a suggestion, do as you please ^_^]

Layout wise, for the main screen . I'd show, in a clean straight line, from top to bottom.
Mech used,
Weapons installed,
additional option(or that cloaking thing)
And the start button.

With the information of the right side of the screen. Tabs on the side.

[Grey backgrounds are rather bland, no offense, but the intro was so well drawn. Maybe take a scene from it, add some color and make it the homescreen?

Actual in game play.


I dont mind the enemies moving from side to side, its dodging those hard to see red dots that's irking me mainly.
The screen is too small for so much information to be stuffed in it.
And while the graphics of the bog gunz where nice, it made you blind to the rest of the screen, thus making you take hits.

I'f those big hits would completely clear the screen of everything expect boosts, i'd find it clearer to grasp and not worry about >"crap i'm dead.."

I noticed the enemies don't shoot back.. nothing wrong with this. Just found it odd.

Everything also moves pretty fast when you start the game, while i dont mind this.
The inability to upgrade the main unit was annoying, i couldent dodge most of the random dropped red dots cuz i was simply too slow.. well actually i should say i got hit becuase i didnt know what to keep my attention on.

If i tried to dodge the dots, i wouldent hit crap.
If i tried to get the dragons, i'd get torn to shreds becuase those dots Snuck up on me XD

Anywho, it'd be nice if you could see the weapon equipped on your mech, though might be lil hard to code in...

Elongating the screen might be helpful, perhaps using a different font.
Also, TABS!! ^^

Overall not bad, just not quite there yet ^_^

Manga-Otaku responds:

Very constructive and helpful!

Thanks a bunch, and I will keep that all in mind the next time I make a game!


the game is just terrible ,sorry
but i very liked that Kind of intro and the Mech-design
I'm a huge Mecha Fan,so try to think about the Game Concept.
Do it really have to be another site-scrolling-shotting-game?
try something New...

you have the Skills USE THEM

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2008
4:19 PM EST