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Prepare your team of athletic androids for an exiting competition against fully motivated robotic rivals. Stun your opponents with aggressive tackling and outsmart them to get the ball into the rival goal.

The fights over the ball can get pretty rough, so don't hold back or it'll be your team who ends up at the chop shop.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move .
Press the spacebar to pass, shoot or tackle. - If using the spacebar seems unresponsive use the left mouse button instead.

Press ESC to exit to the main menu.

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I didn't think this was anything that good. I won't say "nothing new or interesting" though. Then again, that fits the description perfectly. I really was interested in seeing how far I could get. I'm just no good at this. I'm better off playing skeeball in real life.

I didn't think the graphics were that good either. They didn't seem to flow well. At least I could understand it. The noises were a bit annoying. I guess it is kind of an original design.


Pretty damn good game, nice controls and easy to play.

Graphically simple but you didn't need to flash your skills off, you did what was necessary, and nice partical effects too

The game play was challenging and fun, kept me wanting to play. Even though I lost alot :D

Sound was great fitted perfectly, not a note out of tune.

Overall a pretty damn steady game, a definite replayer :D

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- Good stuff -
It was very well planned and didn't have any glitches. The graphics and characters were looking pretty simple but they worked out well like that.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
I would of been playing it for much longer if space was tackle and clicking left mouse button is pass because I got it a bit too confusing with the one button control.
It could of done with some sort of sections for beginners because it's hard to start playing against people that are already really good. Also needed some power ups to use it would of given alot more game time because it would make people want to find all of the power-ups.

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Good Game

Nice, with good gamepay and good graphics. The enviroment could use some work that's the only problem. Good job.

Pretty Cool

It's a pretty cool game to play, I mean I like this sort of game in a way. The graphics are pretty nice and the gameplay isn't too hard to grasp, though there is the thing that it get's a little annoying when you try to chase after the ball, so yeah. That's the one thing that's annoying, the auto switching of players, manual switching would be nice and the ones that aren't selected tackle without you having to. Constantly chasing is annoying, lol.

Otherwise everything else is very nice, the sounds are good and the looks are nice too. The fact that you can learn the basics without having the read how to is also a bonus, hehe. Pretty good game all round.



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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2008
8:44 AM EST