Z bounty hunter

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this is just a game i made for my wii. so if you dont like it i dont care..i just put it on newgrounds so i can play it on my wii(because it easier that putting it on my web site


its pretty easy even a 5 year old could beat this game and not have fun get sound effects better graphics and a time limit (just being honest


Since when was newgrounds just a vehicle for your wii?
This is a community for reviewing gome made creations, if you don't want us pulling your things apart don't upload it and yeah, this was pretty boring.
Go away, working on the graphics.. sound.. and gameplay, and then resubmit...

clintonp responds:

dude i never said it was a vehicle for my wii.......i just put it on newgrounds for other people to play...i didnt need to put it on newgrounds......i could of put it on my web site...i just put it on newgrounds for athers to play


There is no trace of real entertainment out of it, and I find it to be a waste of my time. Make a better flash next time or improve it by at least changing the music and graphics.


There's minimalistic and then there's completely lacking. You could have had ammo, sound effects (although that's just a creature comfort), a better range of targets and perhaps a time limit? Good if you're just playing it on your Wii, but with those extra, easily added features, you could have a lot more fun (for everyone, including yourself).

clintonp responds:

sorry dude i did not know the action scripts


well its a good game but i find it to be a little easy. still i find the animation good.

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2.32 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2008
9:55 PM EST
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