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Ball Bounce Hurry 2

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play the first one first(tee-hee) becuase this one is harder than the 1st. I took your addvice, more sounds, beter effects, and yes no falling through platforms any more, and a diffrent dying effect. So have fun with it.

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Nothing too Special

The game is good, but the sounds make my head hurt =/ too repetitive, The game got very boring after level 1 lol.

Good game though, would be better if I could actually read the instructions though, your choice of background for that was not appealing =/

Good, and fun,

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. But, remember, when you said:

stop rating me bad matt or once you put somthing on ng I will rate that bad no mater what.

That doesn't sound fair, because my bro's not criticizing you because he's mean, it's that there are some issues. Although, I do have to admit he doesn't look at the good parts, he shouldn't be threatened for telling issues, because the reviews are supposed to help. Fun game.

good idea

but in the previiew when I said make the lava more realistic i meannt get rid of the wavy top bit. The actuall inside bit looks good though. I noticed you still could fall through platforms, and rather than just having levels on the main menu, you should have it so when you finish one level, yuo start the next. Also, it should be alot easier. It was nearly imposible to even get half way. It would also be better if you had a Vcam that follows the ball and have a minimap of the level with you, the finish line, and the lava marked. What happened to the background music too? Also, the 1,2,3 buttons don't do anything, and neither does clicking the 2 in the main menu. You should deffinatlely make a version 3 because it is really fun and I think you could get an award for this. The graphics were quite good aswell you just need to improve it and add more levels, and make it easier.

really hard

wow this game is really hard, which is not a bad thing (a challenge is good sometimes), but I think checkpoints would be nice. Dont get me wrong, I thought the game was very fun, just I would like is to have checkpoints to make it a little less frustrating. Btw, the 2 to get more levels dosent work, but this is very minor considering that I cant beat the first four levels. If the 2 was not there I wouldnt even know something was missing.

2-3-ryan-5 responds:

for the first one sombody said it was hard and rated it bad


waste of pixels nothing else to say