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Edit: i haven't any idea who's going to read this but i'm going to write it anyway. this is the last game i'm going to make because i know jack about actionscript. so yeah

Please submit to final fantasy collection.

Last July i submitted Sephy vs Silent Hill 2, and people have asked me to make a game version of it in which you can play as sephiroth battling against pyramid head and his minions. Well here it is, folks. I hope you enjoy, i included a few things from sephy vs silent hill 2, see if you can find them.

And yes you can die so use strategy, and yes...enjoy! ^^

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the song is halloween dawning right?

you did make game out it remember me thx so much let mebe friend

Games like these...

...miss the entire point of what Silent Hill 2 is. The entire game is a psychological profile of James Sunderland, not a literal bunch of monsters....

It makes me think you didn't understand the whole point of the game.

fadedshadow responds:

actually you're incorrect. i very much enjoy the plot of silent hill 2, in fact it's one of my favourite games of all time. you see, i created this movie simply because i have a bloodlust for excessive violence

...OMMFG! that stands for oh my mother____ing god

i cannot believe you actually did this and it is actually pretty GOOD!
great job!
shame it's the last game you'll make
hilarious and somewhat like the second one
great job

fadedshadow responds:

the reason it's the last one is because i don't know jack about actionscript. and i've been busy as hell so i don't have time to do regular animations either


doood that was hilarious looooooooooool

fadedshadow responds:

thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it