The elements of Flash

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Well, this is what you get when boredom and creativity are mixed. Just one thing im sorry for. There was supposed to be music in the background but it exceeded the .swf file size of 10mb. Please, do not post reviews saying "Could have been much beta with some music in the BG!!!!1!!111!" or "You lost 2 points for no music"...

Any way, why are you reading this? Watch The Elements of Flash!

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pretty good!

i liked it,but like the guy below me said: ''The only thing you forgot was that you could see your reflection in the TV'',and hes right,but also when it showed you raising the hands up,you also coulda have done atleast something like hold someshort of a lamp so the shade would have hmm how could i say it,''moved'' down abit etc etc etc but still great flash/video (aka videoflash),i liked it pretty much but sitll the reflection lowered the score lil bit,so 9/10 & 5/5 i still wish i could have flash professional too :< but o well good flash!

Strik3Mast3r responds:

Thanks. Lol, i couldn't be bothered doing it lol. But i guess ill do it one day...

thanks for the review.

wasnt bad

The only thing you forgot was that you could see your reflection in the TV and there were no effects on your reflection O_o.
Some filters and more sound wouldve been nice too.
Anyway, overall:
Pretty good.


Strik3Mast3r responds:

Mad :P thanks for the review. :O your the FIRST person that has noticed that... i couldnt be bothered to do the refelction on the tv lol... stupid tv.


It looks funn. good movie.

Strik3Mast3r responds:


It was ok.

This has been done before and this wasnt to different. Nice though. Also you have a girls throw.

Strik3Mast3r responds:

Lol yeah, I had to stretch my arm so it could be seen on camera :P, If i stretched it out too far, it would look liked i pegged the ball.

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2008
7:11 AM EST
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