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This is a game about making games.

It isn't an action game, so if you don't like anything else, you probably won't like it.

Please, post comments. Its always good to get feedback, and it may be helpful.


Great sim.

I found this on kongregate and I thought it was one of the best games there. I saw it here and I never went to kongregate again. Work on in game artwork and this could be a well known game!

another great sim

hard, challenging, everything. this ame is one of theb est sims ive seen and i hope you make more. i like how you try to get more people into making flash games.
but to answer 'sockofgreatjustic's question:
to work on a game, you have to go to the tab on the far right of the screen and click "start game" and then turn the work on game counter to the number of hours you want to work on it.


yrudoy responds:

I appreciate it.

Its nice to know that people like your games...

Add graphic content.

Good gameplay, personally I really like simulator games.
This game , howver lacks in its grahical content. Your game will really improve if you add for instance when you read some game coding tutorials, a picture or short animation of the player actually doing it!

yrudoy responds:

It might.

As you can probably tell, Im not that much of an artist...

Good Game

It is a good game, It is a bit hard but still fun (even if I didn't make that mill in 200 days). It might have been good to put a few little tips in to help people when they start, But it is still worth the 45 min I put into it.

yrudoy responds:

Nice to know.

I'm glad you liked it.


Very nice, "soft" looking design, but it lacks good instructions. It seems good from what I can tell, but... How do you make games? The "work on game" button doesn't work for me...

yrudoy responds:


You sure? I don't see why it wouldn't; nobody else reported problem.

And yeah, I didn't want to write three pages of instructions.

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Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2008
5:26 PM EST
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