Pirate Songs: For the Win

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This was a project I did for my first period class, Multimedia Presentation. Our assignment was to make a flash movie advertising some product. The flash movie took around three to five weeks to animate; most of which was done in school.

Jake the Robot wants to show you the next, on the rage product to the internet... Pirate Songs! He'll guide you through the things this product comes with that'll keep your mouth watering for days on end till you actually buy the thing!

Not A Real Product!

Art, animation, voice and character are copyrighted to Darkened Decay aka Deathinator

Musics used:
Donkey Kong Country - King K Rool
Lazytown - You are a Pirate
Muppet Treasure Island - Professional Pirate
Veggie Tales - The Pirates Who don't do Anything

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really an intermezzo

Simply funny :) Entertaining!

DarkenedDecay responds:

Thank you. :)

i like it

it was good


pirates fawking rule


glad to see you finally submitted it. It is very nice the only problem i did notcie in class was that the voices were too cut up... i could hear where one cut in and one cut out but it was amazing besides that

DarkenedDecay responds:

Like where he says "You should buy this here CD of win th- Today!" ? That wasn't intentional but for reasons unknown I liked it more overlapping.

Or did you mean all his things? Hopefully my voice acting will improve!

Car Salesman sells CD?!

What a great little idea. The traditional car-salesman type, but robot formed, attempts to sell a CD of pirate songs.

I loved the sound effects on the voice, with the little echo and the way that the Southern (Georgia) accent seemed to fit in so well with the personality of the robot.

I'd have reccomended a splash for when the CD is flung into the water, plus maybe a little more attention to detail with the splash of water - it looked too lazy for it to be real, hanging in the air for maybe half a second too long.

I'd have said a better location for the commercial would ahve been a pirate ship, but I can see the symbolism of the 'treasure island' and that worked well enough.

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DarkenedDecay responds:

Thanks, I was going for a Texas accent but close enough! XD

The splash was kinda lazy, next time I'll be sure to work on things like that a little more.

A pirate ship! Why didn't I think of that!? That would have been awesome! "Dang man, I can't do nuttin right."

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4.25 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2008
3:37 PM EST
Comedy - Original