Adventures Of Gyro Atoms

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Gyro Atoms is a Cowardly lynx in giant gloves, jeans and shoes.
He resides in the Pixelverse. The world of computers which has 3 rhelms. Pirate Island, Ninja mountain and robot factory.

Dr Chill has taken over the pixel verse and set up a network of black portals. Its up To gyro to defeat the evil dr and save the pixelverse.


Z = Jump
X hold = aim
X release = throw
C = camera control

Down arrow = duck
left arrow = move left
right arrow = move right

Boost jump = Down + Z
Style Bounce = Z while bouncing off enemy.


I remember playing this years ago, I wasn't able to beat it. Now that I'm old enough, I still can't beat this game. Some of the things I really dislike about this game is the fact that if you get hit once you lose a life (Why not a healthbar?), the main character's voice being taken from the Simpsons, and the attacks you use (Why not something like a sword or a gun or something that isn't as useless as throwing atoms?) Overall, I give this game half a star. Maybe if there was a healthbar, better weapons, etc., this could've been a decent game.

Dizimz responds:

fair enough.
Back when I made this game I quite frankly didnt know what i was doing.
The game is inefficiently coded, looking back, well I wish i knew then what I know now.

thanks for your time and critique

why does a black screen appears when you lose the game?


the needed more it just looked like a cat in mario land with bombs could have been way better


the only reason i like this game is because the main char is a furry.


this game could be way better the idea its... fine but its boring this is the kind of game that i play when i donĀ“t have nothing better to do sorry dude

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3.65 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2008
12:03 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop