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Adventures Of Gyro Atoms

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Gyro Atoms is a Cowardly lynx in giant gloves, jeans and shoes.
He resides in the Pixelverse. The world of computers which has 3 rhelms. Pirate Island, Ninja mountain and robot factory.

Dr Chill has taken over the pixel verse and set up a network of black portals. Its up To gyro to defeat the evil dr and save the pixelverse.


Z = Jump
X hold = aim
X release = throw
C = camera control

Down arrow = duck
left arrow = move left
right arrow = move right

Boost jump = Down + Z
Style Bounce = Z while bouncing off enemy.

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I never finished this game as a kid, it was difficulty for me, but i've always liked gyro, it seems like a cool platformer mascot, today after years i played again and did better than before, im kinda sad that the game just stop when i get to dr chill, i never saw in yt anyone playing the ninja levels, well im happy at least i did get past the hard parts for me as a kid.

I dont need to explain the flaws i guess, as you said you didn't know too much that time, throught the past years sometimes i did go see your job, last time i saw your job you were making Marly and im excited to see your improvement

Wow, it's been a while since I played this game. This game has lots of flaws, but this game has some decency in it. Surprisingly, I noticed it as a little kid. I'm going to start with the flaws.

First of all, when I lose all my lives, it just cuts to a black screen. Secondly, I know this is the pixelverse, but why do the backgrounds have a grid? In my opinion, it looks ugly. Also, the environment looks okay, until you look at them close up. The textures for the stone and dirt don't belong. There are lots of glitches in the game as well. Most of the animations in the game don't look natural, it looks choppy and motion tweeny. Gyro has Homer's voice. Finally, you didn't credit who made the music or said what the music is.

I think I got all the bad stuff out of my system. So now lets get to the positives. Firstly, music choices are great in my opinion, I'd use the music if I knew what the music is called. I actually like the graphics in the game, like in the main menu, the text you use, and basically whenever you draw Gyro close up. I like how the settings just seem random, it reminds me of my childish imagination.

If I were to give any recommendations to make the game better, I'd firstly give Gyro a gun to shoot the atoms, it would add a little bit of realism and would make Gyro look more like a badass. Secondly, if you fix all the glitches, you can make the game harder by adding more enemies so the atoms are more useful. I'd also give an original voice to Gyro, for originality.

Overall, in my opinion, it's not as bad as how the others say it is. But it still needs fixing and better backgrounds.

Dizimz responds:

I appreciate your taking the time to write this, of course its not as though im able to go back and fix it as the games superbly old by this point. I did play around with a remake of it a while back. Keep an eye out, you might see it ;-)

I had very limited understanding of the tools I had at the time This was made, i was clueless didnt even know how to use proper image formats, and educational material at that time was trickier to find than today. That all being said, a lot of work was put into this, a lot of unecessary work >_<

again thanks for the critique, much appreciated this game brings back memories of a simpler time for me.

I remember playing this years ago, I wasn't able to beat it. Now that I'm old enough, I still can't beat this game. Some of the things I really dislike about this game is the fact that if you get hit once you lose a life (Why not a healthbar?), the main character's voice being taken from the Simpsons, and the attacks you use (Why not something like a sword or a gun or something that isn't as useless as throwing atoms?) Overall, I give this game half a star. Maybe if there was a healthbar, better weapons, etc., this could've been a decent game.

Dizimz responds:

fair enough.
Back when I made this game I quite frankly didnt know what i was doing.
The game is inefficiently coded, looking back, well I wish i knew then what I know now.

thanks for your time and critique

why does a black screen appears when you lose the game?


the needed more it just looked like a cat in mario land with bombs could have been way better

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3.38 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2008
12:03 PM EST