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Goblin Defense 2

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This is a heavily improved sequel of my first attempt at a side view defense game. The aim of the game is to defend your small fort against an army of goblins and their allies with only 3 archers.

Using the Left and Right arrow keys to aim and space bar to shoot you must kill the goblins that come at you. Each of the 12 waves get progressively more difficult so the key is to UPGRADE quickly.

Some features of this game include:
8 Badguy types:
- Goblin Infantry
- Goblin Archer
- Goblin Soldier
- Goblin Warlock
- Ogre
- Catapult
- Goblin Champion
- and Dragons

Archer HP, Archer Speed, Archer Damage, Wall HP, PowerUp Fall rate, and Wizard turrets.

Ice Arrows
Fire Arrows
Split Arrows
Rapid Arrows
Ice Burst
Fire Burst

I have taken the time trying to add improvements based on all the useful comments from players with the original 'Goblin Defence'. So please let me know of any other suggestions.


Update: I have edited the cash flow to allow for quicker upgrading as many have said it was too difficult. Hopefully this makes a difference. Let me know :)

Update 2: I'd like to thank those people who have enjoyed this game and voted, it has really inspired me to continue coding (espcially after kongregate players massacred me!). So I will try to make a 3rd version probably in the next half of this year, incorporating all of those cool ideas you have given. It is great to have some many encouraging players! Thankyou!

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I liked this game, but it was a tad repetitive. You were just hitting the same enemies over and over. There were always ones that were hiding others. That seemed to make it too difficult. It seemed like there were way too many enemies for just the first level. I still think the graphics aren't bad.

It's nice to hear them scream. Come on, they deserve to die. The music was fairly good too. They certainly look like goblins. I didn't quite get how my men were destroyed at first.

Limited, but with good potential!

The game starts off very easily and overpowered, but the difficulty rating climbs significantly around halfway through. I had maxed out all my upgrades by level 6 (starting with strength, so any arrow was essentially a one shot kill for many enemies), but around the time catapults and dragons were introduced, my archers died before I could heal them. In fact there were so many flames and arrows flying towards them I couldn't see how much health they were on because their health bars were covered by the enemy attacks. Unfortunately, despite my impregnable walls and their ridiculously high health, I could not see where they were aiming so I had difficulty returning fire and they all died. I think this is a simple thing which more or less ended the game for me. Still enjoyable, but if you improve slightly on visibility of your archers, and give a tutorial that you can click through rather than sit through it would be appreciated. All in all, a fun few minutes.


screw kongregate, NG rocks

The game was fantastic.

Not overly complex, fun, challenging, and a nice variety of enemy types and upgrading styles.

This is the textbook example of a solid, fun game. 5/5 10/10.

Liked It, Though, Is it possible to win?

Really good, although even with everything maxxed out it still gets hard at some point, is it possible to survive to the end? (when I lost I had a dragon a catapault 4 wizards and like 10 archers shooting at me and I only had a maxxed wizard and 1 of my archers left), next game you should make it so you can send out troops of your own, that'd make this just about the best defense game ever!


way too easy, and gets boring after a little time..
otherwise i liked it but these two elements are really important...

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3.55 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2008
12:21 AM EST