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Defend Your Dirt

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THERE IS A SHOP!!!! THERE ARE UPGRADES!!! Read the instructions, that is why they are there!
Thank you

Defend your dirt pile with your ship against enemies.
***Please read the instructions***

This game was ready to be published a while ago, but I was awaiting sponsorship stuff, and for my site to be back up.

I hope you like the game, Supa-Monky on deviant art helped me out understanding BitmapData, which is what I used to create the dead ships everywhere. They don't lag your computer even though they keep increasing so don't worry.
***Please read the instructions,*** and I apologize about the music controls, to mute the sound, just click on the stereo on the menu, and to change songs, just hit those arrows by the stereo.


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Wow, I was impressed at how fast paced this game turned out to be! Granted, it's because I didn't understand the powerups I was getting at first. It's still a very addictive game, because you really have no idea how long it's going to go on. You would think that when more dirt was adding to the pile, it would have more health. I looked through the instructions and I couldn't find anything about a shop. I think the most awesome thing about this is how the corpses of the old enemies still remain on the field.

It can be confusing, because I'm not sure if they are active enemies or not. The best way to tell is simply by looking at the red health bars they have. Well, it is a game where you don't have to worry about weakened yourself. I had no idea that I had such a high score of over 300,000! The graphics aren't great, but it's still enjoyable.


It's a great, simple game that I can see myself playing whilst on the computer at work or at college. It's nothing too in-depth so it doesn't demand a lot of attention but the upgrades, increasing difficulty and power-ups keep you entertained. Certainly something to keep you occupied if you finished all your work.

Nice game but needs more work on it.

Especially the upgrades which doesn't really help make the game any easier.


its a great game i like it but it needs more work put into it. i feel like its still in progress, but still i love it none the less


There should be no trick shooting in a defending game, and the items are irretrievable.