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Flash version of a physics based game created by Petri Purho of KlooniGames. Draw squares, circles and lines to get the red ball to touch the yellow star. You can restart the level by pressing "R" or delete a shape by holding down Shift+Clicking the shape. Be patient because the drawing part does not seem to be 100% accurate.

Flash Game Developed By: Pier-Jean Lizotte
Sponsored By: Neenja.com

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When i drawed a box, a circle appeared, Bad scripting

hmmm bug rly

whenever it hit 'r' to reload lvl, any levels that involle floating platforms, those platforms dissapear

just thought you might wana know

Many glitches, but interesting

To anyone having trouble with shape recognition, draw slowly to produce circles, a medium speed to produce rectangles, and a fast to produce lines.
Very interesting and challenging game. I would like to see this improved.

has lots of bugs... fun noneoftheless

This game is entertaining, and the music in the BG gives it a nice touch. as someguy789 said... needs better shape recognition and a reset button, because i was stuck at times at the same place for a while. >:C

all and all, it needs work. its a great concept, but not a great attempt...

It could be

It was a lot for room for work, you can't draw the right shape half the time If u fix the shape recognition it could maybe be fun.

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2008
2:15 PM EST