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Snake Game 2

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Snake Game 2!
I have improved the graphics,so if you need some improvements, just PM me what to do, and i will do it in Part 3!
I have also thought an idea for Part 3. It's Bosses.
Have fun :D
Made with Flash CS3.

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Neat take on a classic was pretty fun


To tell the truth I prefer the snake games you can geton phones...no crap music, no crap background...they're actually FUN. If you makeanother one, (please no) at least IMPROVE THE GRAPHICS. Seriusly, they're crap. Also, change themusic, add wall, and maybe diffuculty levels. If you do that, it MAY be worth playing.

Same like last time

When i said about improving the graphics, i meant making the snake a proper snake.
Also, the game is exactly the same has the first but it has a background with a sun on it.(It also doesn't suit the arena.)
Try again but make sure theirs more than just one improvement.

Not terrible...

The music was too loud, the background wasn't hugely detailed, but those weren't the big problems... the main problem was the whole game was just "meh." It's something I've seen 100 times, and when I finally realized there weren't walls, the game goes 10x easier. Add some walls and some originality... I dunno really what to suggest, maybe original graphics, sound effects instead of loud background music, maybe a unique twist like the snake's tail serpentines like a sidewinder's does...or maybe it goes straight but add a power-down that makes the tail go wonky instead of straight. With power-downs of course comes the addition of power-ups... so keep that in mind.

Pretty boring.

You programmed snake well, the game plays at a good tempo, and responds well enough. Unfortunately, that's all it is. Can't give you any points for graphics, since it looks like most of them were brought together in MSPaint, and the music was totally out of place. I'd honestly have preferred no music at all, and simply sound effects from the game (in response to direction changes or little green circle eating). If you were trying to program snake, you've accomplished that. Now try to work for something more.

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3.83 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2008
2:22 AM EST