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HappyLand Valentine

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Author Comments

Edit - Thanks for the reviews, please help by adding this to the Valentine's Day collection!

The Miserable Elf King didn't get any Valentines Day cards and now he's making every sad again, only the Fuzzy Elf can cheer them back up! Explore 8 stages of love in a variety of locations around HappyLand, from the Beautiful Beach to the Lovely Lake. New gameplay features include happy-heart charging, love chains and hazards.

Thanks to all the audio artists for the music, you might recognize it from a certain gaming classic.

Flash Player 9 required. The game will autosave using shared data if you have this enabled on your Flash Player.

Hope you enjoy the game and have a happy Valentine's Day ^_^

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I thought this game was just alright. I think it may have been a little too cute. That can be annoying in a game. I was still impressed by the artwork. There seem to be too many instructions. A game this simple shouldn't have so many.

I wish I had a valentine. Well, that's anyone you can love I guess. The music was fairly nice. You mostly just had to go on the very top or very bottom. Of course, when the enemies came, that wasn't so easy.

Original and fun.

Died once at level 3 - thought I had to kill the boss using chains (like the elves) - once at level 5, twice on level 7, maybe 5 times on level 8, got 191s (33.5k) on survival.

The chaining of normal items has really turned the game around. distanced it from the shooters it could previously be easily compared to and helped it become a unique blend of a chain-reaction game with a shooter.

I felt that by starting off with both directions, you missed a trick - introducing enemies from the left was a cool twist to witness in the original game and helped add variety within levels.

When I killed the boss, it felt odd for the level to just carry on - maybe if it continued - with a time bonus for time remaining - it'd feel more ike an occasion.

Speaking of occasions and celebrations, I was a bit disappointed at the lack of any ending animation after the king.

And I still think you should slow the pace a bit, zoom out, but make each hit take off maybe 1/3 of our energy. And make Fuzzy Elf's expression change.

The controls also started to feel a bit cramped - personally, I'd prefer the option to use a and w.

The new rocks were a cool addition and really encouraged me to stay alert. I also liked the way that the king now bounced around and needed to be avoided.

The chaining added aleatory elements but there was still skill involved.

The medal system could have been explained a bit - I assume it's based on life left, but am not sure. If I'm right, maybe it could have changed colour from blue to bronze to silver to gold as the bar 'measures itself' at the end of each stage - changing colour as it passes each threshold? And pop up the relevant medal at that same time?

Its existence means that when I return to this, I'll have another goal to play for.

A fun game you've got here and I think you should return to the concept sometime, with a few tweaks and maybe a couple of twists.

I'm only criticising it so much because it has potential.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. I'd really like to make another HappyLand game one day, possibly for next Valentines day, so your comments are very helpful.

I considered having a level before the current Stage 1 with only one direction of enemies. I guess I thought it might be a bit boring for players of the first game, and the chaining didn't really work well with only one direction.

About the controls, if I remember right then W and S caused problems on some keyboards, hence be using Q and A.

Medals are mostly based on health left, they also take into account chaining and a few other factors. I'll make this clearer for the next one. Like you say the medals were more of an afterthought to give players a bit more life out of the game.

For the sequel I'm probably going to change to forwards shooting as a lot of people have requested this. The chaining system will need quite a rethink after that.

Thanks again and see you in January!


This is really brilliant, I think it's amazing.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for reviewing on all my games. I think you might be my first fan : )


it is awesom i loved it its awesome

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks, you're awesome too ^_^

Cool kirby's awesome

good job it's pretty fun!

ChromeShark responds:


Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
10:55 PM EST