The Torii: The Challenge

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Finally, this movie has been remade! The first time I animated this story which had actually started out as a mock-story a couple of my friends and I made up in high school was in January 2005 - my first ever full-length animation whose quality was definitely not good enough for Newgrounds.

Now, over three years later, I've decided to redo this movie after making a 24-page manga of it - redesigning the characters almost entirely and rewriting bits of the story.

And incase you didn't know, a torii is the wooden arch-like entrance to a shinto temple.

Enjoy the movie, and please vote and review! Wait until the end and press something for a nice little extra.

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The story line was good and its cool for anime fans.

Ahhh gradients!

The hair, it burns! Joking though. This is great. Everything a film should be! Lip sync was good, wording (or script what ever you wanna call it) was good and the drawing was great. Good job Ori-Tokime...i mean EternalRabbit

Manga style of "filming" saved it...

...and the Rurouni kenshin song opening (wasn't that what the song it was from?) I'd say it is newgrounds quality but i think it could definately use some more detail. Since this seems more story based than anything, i think you should pay more attention to the fluidity of the character's lips. The scenes were a tad abrupt but i do think the various angles made the dialog much more appealing than if it has just had your average, 1 background scene with a shit ton of talking. That combination with a bit more work on the animation would be great. Also, work on the sound quality and consider a sound track throughout the animation

EternalRabbit responds:

yes it was from kenshin... and yeah, i definitely plan to put more detail into my future movies, with better sound quality

That was really funny

And enjoyable to watch.

Its funny how some anime series actually use dialog like that and consider themselves to be serious.

Sorry I'm like a die hard otaku lol.


i think you did a great job, and the thing with the monkeys was also preety funny. i hope you continue you this

EternalRabbit responds:

glad you liked it!

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4.40 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
7:19 PM EST