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Bioshlock 2

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edit: The front page post!!!! Well winning the fifth and getting on the front page have meant more than anyone could have dreamed to me. I'd like to thank the academy ... Wait screw the academy! They gave the oscar to finding nemo when it should have gone to triplets of Bellville . You know who should be thanked, you guys! Thank you all so much for all the support and all the feedback.
Ps: I can't help the sound quality, that's why I speant all those hours animating subtitles.
Greetings Newgrounders!
You are looking at about 3 months of hard work here. Be gentle. It is nine minutes long. I know this may seem like another video game parody, but give it a try! There's something in here for everyone. All audio portal music is credited on the page. All non-audio portal music is credited in the cartoon.

Previous Cartoon: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/400462

-Speds on a Plane Studios

Ps: I assure you I'm not a spammer, I apologize for my bad quality art (as apposed to really good flashes like tankmen or masterminds) but every animator has to start somewhere. If you think this cartoon doesn't deserve to be here, PM me and we can discuss it like civilized people rather than bantering out in inconsiderate comments.

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The animation could have been better, but this was still awesome. From the get go, it looks great. I thought it would be like a sketch with the screen flashing like that. Instead, it was on coherent story. Dang, that's such a great song. I need to watch that movie someday.

It's good stuff from beginning to end. I'm not a fan of Bioshock. I'm at least familiar with the designs. Yeah, there's so much video game stuff here. I at least recognize most of them.

big daddy who is pukin: BEEER BEEER XD

The finale was excellent, Andrew Ryan as the criminologist had me in stitches, it just fits so well.

great lets do the time warp again awesome wooooooo :D


good stuff :D