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Futurist Zelda Part II

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Author Comments

Here it is, FLOZ part 2.
I had finished this a week and half before I posted this, but I could not access the internet till now.
I redid Zelda, so I think she's better than what I had in the beginning(man, I suck at drawing girls) but I think it could be better.
Using elements from Arkzone's tutorial, I redid Link's hair. Yes, there is probably someone out there who will say that it looks like grass, but let's see you do better.
the story doesn't look bad because I was running out of time, but because I wanted to be that way. I looked at it in the beginning and I said, "the story is cheesy enough as it is, if I draw it like everything else, it'll be too much for everyone to handle," so I did it badly on purpose.
I made efforts to address the problems that were in part I, but they are not completely eradicated. I think I'm improving in Flash.
I decided to wait until I had posted part 2 and seen the reviews before moving on, so if it gets blammed, I stop.
this time it didn't take as much debugging as the last one, maybe because they are only three scenes( hence no scene selection).
I decided to scrap the password protection partly because guys didn't like it and because I couldn't get it to work.
And yes, the bloodthirsty yellow-eyed Link in black, who kills Impa with a homing arrow is Lord Moloch. I decided to leave Ganondorf out till later
Well, enough chit chat, go and watch part 2!

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Pretty good

I like the story line that you put on this story. I would've never thought of turning Link evil.

7, thats 1 more than last time lol

Vast improvement, seriousy, not that there was anything too wrong with the first one, its just you can really telly our getting the hang of flash now.
Ill get the bad bit out the way first....
the flashback sound is too quiet - i had to turn it up to hear it and then before i knew it it went back to the main part and broke my eardrums lol
its graphics were also quite weak - the flashback that is
music is too loud
links teeth??!?!? were most of the time represented by a blue line. it odd if you ask me - i appreciate you want your own individual style but you might wanna have a look at the super flash bros website, last time i checked they had some pretty nice walktrhoughs on lips and syncing

anyway good stuff-
plot was brilliant - despite some flaws in the script and voice acting - i REALLY want to know what happens next, i mean it was pretty obvious about the transition from one to two (which by the way i just realised i didnt need that code thing for) - but i want to know why (old) link turned evil. - which i just read in your thing was Lord Moloch - WHO!>!?!?!
the new look of the people and their tweens etc were all awesome, although if you want a f/p you may want to neaten a few things up for no.3

I really like this series i can see where its taking you, and how your learning as you go along is pretty obvious. I think more than anything it thats what this series is about - you getting better at flash.
would i even go so far as to say about the continuity error (i.e. how does she get all of links old weapons if she fled the castle with nothing - which by the way im sure your going to give to new link to defeat gannondorf etc)

its going to be interesting to see how you do the fight scenes when he overthrows gannondorf at the end (i presume that whats gna happen) as i havnt seen any bloodshed as of yet (well apart from impa, but that was pretty weak)

you are DEFINALTLY getting better, do not stop now, whatever you do. looking forward to the end

LordHayden responds:

Thanks a lot. Yes, my Zelda was not a great actress, if I had had access to the likes of nalem, this would have been better.
The weapons were already in the house before Zelda came. She didn't collect them, they were already there.
The third part is coming along slowly, but I promise I'll finish it.
Did you like the spin transition?
As for knowing why the old Link turned to evil, you'll just have to wait and see.

vry gud!

vry gud animation!

LordHayden responds:

Thanks a lot. Like the spin transition?

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2008
7:47 AM EST