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When Bomberman poops

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Ummm, yea, i dunno what i was thinking, just watch it and be all like "hmm that was intense"... yea, enjoy! =)

ps: This movie is poorly done i admit, but i think that adds to the style... if you wanna see one of my good movies go watch "RadioheadCinema: Escape" or "From Within" because you all act like i cant make a descent movie for some reason, i mean come on, this was one of the first movies i made, what do you expect? if you're going to judge my flash skills please judge them based on my radiohead submissions, because unlike this movie, i worked very veryhard on the radiohead ones. <3!!!

PS: hey, i noticed this movie is getting a lot of views.. if you are sick of my "funny" moves and want to see some extremely serious movies please check out my other submissions, preferebly "From Within" and "Radiohead Cinema: Escape" I promise you'll like them if you enjoy the serious stuff... thankyou for your time...

-Tim Urlacher

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BLAM THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cinematic masterpiece.


I was told about seeing Bomberman poop in this and that's exactly what I got. It's sad that this is your most viewed cartoon. Your serious ones are much better. This goes on way too long. I'm not paying enough attention to see if it's a loop. It's just too annoying.

The animation was pretty bad. Bomberman isn't that popular of a character. I think this is his most viewed thing here. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a loop. I'm glad you've made much better things.