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FWG Island

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Author Comments

Make sure your version of Flash is current. If game runs slowly reduce graphics quality. If music gets annoying it can be muted! The game can be paused by pressing the menu button!

OK - this is a action strategy game - it takes a while to figure it out, so try to be patient - there's lots to it!

Rapid development and industrialisation is causing untold damage to the environment. Global warming, pollution of our waterways, and degradation of our land are symptoms of mans lust for luxuries.

You reside on a small tranquil island in the middle of the ocean. Your objective is to protect the island from the evils of development while nurturing it by planting trees.

Words are not enough to stop inappropriate development - you must take lethal action against the builders, engineers and other property tycoons to stop them from ruining your land. Chop, hack, spear, and smash the developers before they get a foothold on your land. By stopping these fiends, you are given Nature Points.

Nature Points can be used to upgrade weapons, buy trees or build other defenses on the island. Trees are required to improve the Island Health. To complete a level you need to reach the Island Health goal - which increases as the game progresses.

If you allow the developers to take a foothold, you will lose Island Health points and the environment will be damaged.

Hint: Start small and plant trees in the middle of the island slowly increasing the forest size towards the edge. Protect what you have and watch out the developers like nothing more than to chop down your trees and build things!

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Action strategy flash. Graphics are nice and colorful. Gameplay is stalled by glitches and slow down. Remove the lag right away and then remove all the glitches.

Fun game, nice visuals.

Ok so this was pretty simple, but that was the best part of it if you ask me, i like the simplistic side of things with this the design mainly, The game itself is pretty fun, and was keeping me interested maybe it was the more simple side of things, but for the mostpart it was pretty fun and nice to see the visuals going on and such, The guy swinging the axe was also a nice touch that made it even more fun as you dont see that much, so all and all it was a pretty fun game, now as for improving, maybe you can make some mini games inbetween here and there like some sorta bonus or something, just a thought though.Anyways great game, nice visuals and fun to play, keep up the good work.

So anyways this had some good visuals and such it could have some sorta bonus play or as suggested some mini games within the games, just as an extra bonus, but other then that this was pretty good and fun

super easy , annoying music , no food , no water , no sleep , no dwellings , no other people = TOTALLY DEAD !!!! even if you won this they will DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL ROT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too ez

won by massing life trees in the middle of a normal tower infested forest which could kill robots and take on like 4 boats at a time. completely normal


Too many bugs. Lame.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2008
8:08 PM EST