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Ballin'. A fast-paced, 10 level game in which you have to dodge randomly generated balls traveling at random speeds!


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So this game was somewhat functional, just not very good. There were definitely too many errors and faults to be considered a good game. The most annoying thing about the game was that when you start a level you could be hit by one of the balls at the same exact time that the game starts. While this doesn't happen every time it does happen enough that you can run a streak and lose a game before you even got to start one. Then what happens when you lose a game? A black screen of death.. What happens when you get to the last level and win? A black screen of victory? No replay button, nothing to see that you ended the game or anything like that.

You can also simply glide through till the end by moving your mouse off of the screen. I discovered this while playing a few times, getting bored quite quickly, and setting my mouse off to the side so I could write this review up. That being said, when somebody doesn't take advantage of this "cheat" and they don't take in consideration the randomness of dying when you start the game immediately every now and then this is actually a challenging game of skill and reflex. (The reasoning behind my 1.5 points!)

The backgrounds were ok, but just weird and sometimes out of place. I don't really have much to say about any of the animation or graphics, they were basic, but got the job done for the type of game this was.

The audio was an alright choice for such a fast pace game, but it got really annoying really quick. I think that a longer loop would have been a better fit with this submission so it didn't get so repetitive.

it okay

my only complaint is that in the main menu you cant see a the mouse other than that good job
one thing you can do to make it a little more interesting is make the levels different shapes

3/5 7/10

needs creativity

theres alot of avoiders try making something new but even if you do and its good you will always have complete retards like cosmic bard who try to blam it cause they are retarded. i cant believe anyone is that stupid. you should make a flash of a retarded kid who thinks create a zwinky is the actual game and blams the submission and then you can put based on actual events


Yeah..it's kinda boring, but it's still pretty challenging...

Got my ego down pretty low. LOL Good work..I guess..

it was pretty boring

i got bored staright away , make it more interesting

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1.50 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2008
7:02 PM EST
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