That Mean Olde Villain

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Update 2/12/08
Second Place WOOT! Thanks to everyone who voted, and anyone who gave fair reasons in there review. I know its kinda predictable but remember Silent Movies where also a little predictable.
...yeah I know its kinda of a poor excuse. But this is the best I have ever gotten. I am climing my way
up. Thanks guys. There is a high chance of a sequel if I feel up to it.

there is a spelling error DONE ON PURPOSE. I will explain. The word is "Newground" It is spelled without the S because I wanted to add a gag, a gag and a shout out to the old way the site was once spelled out.
Okay? So dont flame me going all "Ah you spelled NG wrong moron!!" because I gave a fair reason for my action. Its just what we like to call "an easter egg"
Also this is a silent movie, so NO SPEECH just MUSIC.
***K thats all you need to know you can skip the rest if you want***

This cartoon I am really proud of doing. I really hope you enjoy my silent cartoon. I always wanted to make something like this.

If you dont like it please give a FAIR reason why.

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This is a great movie. I hope you make more! Silent = good!


silent but deadly.


DrClay responds:

umm what?

Close to silent perfection

It's hard to do a silent movie effectively, since sound is critical to making an animation come to life. However, this was a valiant and successful attempt that went for laughing at the tropes rather than using a silent movie as an excuse not to add anything other than a musical sountrack.

I like the whole grainy, scratched, flawed fim feel, down to the flicker of large blacked out spots. I also like how you used animation to convey effects that would have been impossible for silent films that enliven the movie. The animation appears simple, but like the rather limited effects available in early film it manages to create something more meaningful than overproduced junk. Yet you use it to amp up the unintentioal "cheese" factor of those early films. As a result, this piece not only pays homage to the silent film era, but it also makes fun of lackluster animation techniques and narratives.

If I have to critique something, it's that by 1946, the silent movie was pretty much dead. But the overwhelming majority of this piece is refreshingly wonderful.

DrClay responds:

Yeah, the whole time I was making this, I kept thinking 1946 isn't a good year to say, but for some reason, I wanted to keep it that way. something about those numbers, being put together like that, made me want to keep them in.

thank you so much for your review.

Nice idea - needs better execution

I liked the whole ambience but I think it needs tighter editing - scenes went on too long. BTW, did you mean to mispell Glorious in the titles as well? And sequel is spelt like that.

If you need a proofreader, PM me!

DrClay responds:

Ah crap I must of forgot to spell check that one. Anyway I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

(1 out of alot before aint that bad. I spelled checked all the other text in the things after the title)

just want to say, very well done

you captured the essence of a silent movie...everything went great with it, the music, the humor, I absolutly loved it.
And I will admit I was suprised, but bravo it made me smile after getting home from work on this rainy day, and I have been outside all day in the cold.
So thank you for helping cheer up my day.Keep up the great work.

DrClay responds:

You where in the rain too? LOL I had a field trip today. We all went to see a play called "Macbeth" and it was very well done and such, We ran in the rain at times too lol. Glad to help you cheer up man.

personally I like being in the rain

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4.26 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2008
3:39 PM EST
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