berimbau`s missssssssion

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it took me an year a half to make it.

there were so many authors that i couldnt co-them all so i co-author no one.


ruppe clock
toad clock
bobby clock
mungali clock
polyhedron clock
kitty clock
shottglass clock
oven mitt clock
zombie lilncon clock
blue zombie clock
blue clock
gray clock
albino clock
leek clock
tree clock
sage clock
am pm

and much more that i dont remember

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is that a way to respond?

"Author's Response:

2: your a moron"

if anybody is the moron here it must be you...
judging from the quality of the movie i would you you rlly aren't a member of the clock crew! I know that a lot of the movies that the clock crew makes rlly is put effort into and has better quality of sound and drawing... I cant say I see a lot of the here...

so I would have to agree to what most of the other say. it's plain crap!
make more effort, if you used 1 and a half year on this (crap) you should rlly read more about flash or something.
im giving you a "1" because you did something at all, but i can't say it was great!

thats nice!

i liked the black ,white stuff here, pretty good. also, the sketchy thing was fun. so i may tell, that it was good, but need to get bigger. if it was quite longer, it could be alot funnier. it was cool pal


I doubt that actually took a year and a half to make. If you put more effort in, it would be better.


Sorry but if it took half a year i'm seriously worried about your flash ability. I know the guy was supposed to have legs but the background was white so you could only see his head. There were a lot of bad drawings and his head looked like a clock. The voice was rubbish, I could only make out half of what was being said.
Sorry but if it took you half a year to make it.. =S

berimbauclock responds:

1: the background is black and you clearly dont have the needed flash player to see the black BG and thats why you saw it white.
2: your a moron

ahaha funny

i love movies like this.
random stuff is always funny..especially stories like this.
definately my kinda thing.
5/5 saved.

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2.08 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2008
12:15 PM EST
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