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Riku vs.Riku(detailed)

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i took more time on this one and now it has background and music as well as a magic option,however you have not earned any skills as this will be a game as you requested. ya know what? all you guys are really making me emo. i wanted to draw this instead but the goddamn lines are always getting screwed soooooooo if anyone has any suggestions...HELP!!!!!!!

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good game, but what happens after lv 1? and btw you might be able to improve graphics alittle.


awesoome dude you have outdone yourself

could have been MUCH better

first off, make better buttons. you had to click the font itself in order to use an attack or magic, if you arent gonna let us use any skills then dont put up the option. anyway i ended up using a bunch of magic, and ended up winning BUT it did the thing where it says the stats you got from the battle, and then it said i learned the dark healing thing, but it wont let me go any farther than that. there was no button to continue, i even tried right clicking and selecting forward but it didnt do anything. you should have just waited untill the game was good untill you released it.


This was A LOT better than your test. Sure the song was creative, but put more. Other than that Good Job!!

Ok and

First there is no buttons so selected a action is hard. The music is short a repeated to the point of annoying. The art work was o k but could be better. The action needs to flow smoothly and a ll faster

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3.17 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2008
8:24 PM EST