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Beet the Beetis 2

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This took a lot of work. The ending is very epic, so please don't judge it until you've beaten it. Sound is a must. I'm prepared for constructive criticism.

There is a trick to beating the boss.

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A Review from Zachet Himself

Welcome Everyone! I'm glad everyone has had a chance to take a look at the Beat the Beatis... two! Another great sequel to the saga. Tournaments are already open again for this new saga and last year's champions have come back for more! I guess their new Playstation 3 and $5,000's worth of games didn't keep them occupied long!

On an additional note we have create a brand-new webpage due to legal reasons and conflicts with another orginization.

Please visit us at www.BeatYourBeetis.com

EDIT: Site is currently down due to mySQL issues should be back up and running within several hours, thank you for your patience!


epic fail =(

worse than a pwned workdesk...

And no charge for shippin!

There's no other way to put this: This is by far the best game I have played since Paper Boy for DOS. There is a depth of character to this game and its plot that is unparalleled anywhere else in modern gaming. The mobs are challenging and the scenes are artistically complex. I had to pause this adventure no fewer than three times in order to eat an oatmeal cookie and let my blood sugar rise back to a level sufficient to allow my brain to process the genius of interactive gaming I was experiencing.

Second only to the beautiful graphics is the sound track. Filled with nostalgia-prompting throw-backs to pop culture of yester-year, this game keeps your ears entertained while your brain struggles to cope with the avalanche of non-stop excitement which is being thrust upon it.

As you battle your way through fields of rubber ducks and lady bugs, flying kitties and evil clowns, you can't help but marvel at the years of dedicated and careful planning that went into this magnum opus of creative genius. It's an action packed adventure from start to finish, and the ending is no exception.

The boss level leaves the player stunned by incredible graphics, physics and game mechanics, challenging your reflexes and strategy to the max. In an epic battle between good and evil, our hero attempts to dismantle the diabolically evil Diabeetus robot which has taken over the Colbert Report studio. Only through adept maneuverability and careful planning can the best player stand a chance against this beast.

This game is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment, all while remaining modest with respect to its unprecedented artistic and technological achievements. Without a doubt, Beet the Beetis 2 represents a milestone in interactive computer gaming which I don't expect will be surpassed in my lifetime.

Oonta Gleebin

Best ending to any game, tonight even.

8=====D ~~~o ( . Y . )