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I made this with flash player 7 that I got for FREE!!!
Bolt Thrower:Inside the Wire
Cheshyre:Clown Song of DEATH



how do you have the same name as me???????????
(could have been beter)

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This is the only time I've rated below a two :(

I'm sorry, I just don't think you put much time or thought into this. Batter luck next time!


This was just sad. I actually feel sorry that you wasted a small part of your life creating this waste of space. This is the same thing I've seen a hundred times. The only original part in this thing was the play error section and after seeing the rest that was also the highlight. If you want to see pointless violence done right then go watch the madness series.

2 year olds get every thing!

Dude if you want to make good flashes in the future, instead of saying " You SuCk nooberzzz,!!.11!.!," to a comment on how it is a little laggy, just listen to them. Learn from the mistakes and don't be a freaking 5 year old because people didn't like your movie.

Just because your an idiot doesn't mean you have to show capital letters to show it.

Gravek33per responds:

okay whatever douche bag

Funny & Interactive.

Like the people before me said the graphics, were not the greatest. However, I've seen a lot worse. Your stuff is original and that is a lot more important. Anyway, I found it very funny, the robber being turned and and killed by the supposed "victim" was priceless. Your music choice of course is great. Don't need to go into detail there. It was excellent. Try to make some improved material.

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1.67 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2008
7:17 PM EST
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