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Collect stars jumping from block to block but, be careful! Blocks will start to explode, the more you jump, the more blocks will explode. Good luck!

--- REMEMBER to RIGHT CLICK for options (music, view controls, go to menu, our website) ---

You move with arrow keys, jump with SPACE and change you color with CONTROL

EDIT: Difficulty raised up a bit
EDIT2: Finally found the bug. Fixed

If any of you wants to host this on his page, don't take it directly from NG, PM me. If you have suggestions, review, I'll be very glad to hear what you think


not bad

a little choppy here an there but a good concept adding explosive stage blocks...it really keeps you on your toes and makes your plat-forming skill surge to the max.

All this needs is a bit more of a touch up. Moving the character from place to place can sometimes allow him higher jumps than he should...and ladders don't allow me to walk on them... :P

GOOD CONCEPT Thats the most important part.

I give it a 4/5 vote and 7 star!

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I don't really like it.

I much prefer the second one. this game was easy and addictive, and the square guy was...i dunno. Anyway, the music was good, but the music should have been default on and people could turn it off. Excellent graphics, too. ^_^

nice job. Not great, but not bad.

RJGames responds:

I agree, 2 is better

ok but familiar

though you changed it a bit it is like the tutorial of emanuele foronato. really just change the caracter an make a third block type which moves or an enemy

RJGames responds:

Yeah, it's the same game. Emanuele Feronato invented the "Platform" concept. All of us should be paying for the" Platform concept" copyright...

A little buggy, but not bad.

It's was okay, but nothing memorable. The blue square as the character was dull, you could have made it an actual character of some sort.

One major flaw: When I went to the second level, it superimposed it over one of the menu screens, which made an unplayable mess.

The game engine was good and felt solid, though sometimes the floor blew away enough that collecting a star that happened to materialize in the qrong spot meant committing suicide. And it's possible to jump through the ceiling and walk on top of the level, like the second level in Super Mario Bros.

You can do better. :D

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Really boring...

Really this sucks quite much, because stars are not in platformers (much) and it quite sucks but awesome graphics and lovley music like thing in the background but quite boring... 4/10 I suppose and also the 2nd is better but not played it yet after this review

RJGames responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I hope you prefer number 2

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2008
3:21 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other