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Megaman Bros X3 episode 2

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Author Comments

This is a final version of movie Megaman Bros X 3 episode 2, this movie is a movie from game Megaman Bros X ep.3 what is still under work, meaby someday MasterMarioMX will finish it, anyway here you will see a part of game when sytuacion will change, here you will see more that will be in game.

In game you will have mission to find Bowser and on the way will stand Omega with who you will fight, but in this movie you will see less important characters in fight and what will happen in your base when you will be on a mission, this is a movie what you will not see in the game so please enjoy.

- To skip text you can press Space bar,
- to skip intro and come back to scene selection you can press Enter,
- If you not read storyline in episode 1 than you can do this here.

When you will finish watching this movie you can vote or leave review and than go to next episode.
Special thanks to IndigoExtreme, MasterMarioMX, Firestorm29 and for help and many others for your reviews and advices.

I worked hard to make this movie so even if you will not like it than please not blam this.
I hope you will like it.

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awesome movie

i love the sounds, effects, lasers, characters, everything!!!!!! You should keep on going!!!!!( Also, i little idea[don't have to use] is to use sonic characters.) If i could rank more than 10, it would be infinite.

nice movie

u have a great idea puttin different char from different games in ur eps like mario copy x hunters and other guys

Thank you for this movie.

I luv it all the sprites along with the effects of the battle and the whole idea of Neo Arcadia and Ciel on the same side against Bowser! 10/10 5/5

CommanderX responds:

Well, Ciel and Neo-Arcadia together is somethink what I wanted to, so this is why I maked it, it is nice that you like it, when I will make next episode than I will inform you.
And idea to make tham fight bowser was not me but MasterMarioMX.

In order to improve this...

Harpuia should be a member of Bowser's army rather than Zero's team because he should be a bad guy, not a good guy. Omega shouldn't be in this flash because he is too powerful, so Prometheus will replace him. Luigi should be in this flash because he appeared in Mega Man Bros. X as a hidden character. X shouldn't say "Excuse me, X, can I take my body back for a moment?" because he isn't possessed by a spirit of the same name.

CommanderX responds:

Harpuia is not a bad guy, he is only a loyal guardian and soldier of NeoArcadia and copyX, he is one of more charizmatic characters and bosses in MMZ, he was only on opposition side in war because he thought that rebelians are danger for humanity, but in MMZ3 when Dr. Wile took control of Neo Arcadia that Harpuia changed sides ( at last CopyX did not wanted to hurt people, but Dr. Wile shoted Missile to City only to get his goal.
I can say that CopyX was nice dictatore who wanted to help humanity but leadership is corupting,
Harpuia was his loyal soldier who maked his order with much loyality and care, but he started to have confidence when Dr. Wile joined to CopyX, well, this why he lost his job as a quardian.
Dr. Wile was power angry psyhopate who wanted to take revange on humanity, ( well, if because of war he lost his human body and now he have mechanical body than this is not suprised that he got crazy ).
Anyway I want to see 4 quardian on good side and I want to give copy X chance to repay for his mistaces, this is why NeoArcadia is on Ciel side, Harpuia is her Commander, and Copy X gove his body to X ( who lost his in MMZ 2,
I do not know who is Prometheus in MMZ and I do not care, about Luigy, well, I do not have his movieclips yet so I do not know do he will be in episode 4 or 5.

Anyway I have a special role for Harpuia in episode 5 and 6, he will defense castle in last line of defense and fought Omega,
And Copy X will show up in last episode to make a final battle vs Omega.

I trouly do not understant why you want to see Harpuia on evil side, at last I gove Phantom on evil side as you asked.
Luigy meaby will be in last line of defense in episode 5 but I not can promise it, ( I will need realy good movieclips to take him in ).

Still cool.

I can't really add on much more that what I said with the review from episode one. Still having sound issues for some reason... I'm going to try and have a look into this.

Still, it's very impressive how much you've improved.

CommanderX responds:

Thank you, Thank you very much, ( I m not shour but probably this is a Elvise Preslaye text ), I was out of compiuter for 3 weeks but now I have it back so meaby now I will have chance to continue me series.