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Megaman Bros X3 episode 1

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This is a final version of movie Megaman Bros X 3 episode 1, this movie is a movie from game Megaman Bros X ep.3 what is still under work, meaby someday MasterMarioMX will finish it, anyway here you will see a part of game when sytuacion will change, here you will see more that will be in game.

In game you will have mission to find Bowser and on the way will stand Omega with who you will fight, but in this movie you will see less important characters in fight and what will happen in your base when you will be on mission, this is a movie what you will not see in the game so please enjoy.

- To skip text you can press Space bar,
- to skip intro and come back to scene selection you can press Enter,

When you will finish watching this movie you can vote or leave review and than go to next episode.
Special thanks to IndigoExtreme, MasterMarioMX, Firestorm29 and for help and many others for your reviews and advices.

I worked hard to make this movie so even if you will not like it than please not blam this.
I hope you will like it.

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sweet ibut i dont know who omega is though but u still make great ep

CommanderX responds:

Well, I m still just amator, there is a tond of better flash animators than me, for example movies " project Game Over ", or Final Fantasty Sonic 6, or MMZ the last cataclism.
Anyway it is good that someone like what you maked, thanks.

Commander you rock

Same thing I said it part 2 and it's an excellent series

What? No grammical corrections?

Why didn't you correct the grammar in parts 1 and 2 of this flash???


I'm going to watch part two in a moment, I must say that your movie has definitely improved a great deal. It's smoother and runs at a better pace now. I like the things you've added in from the first version of this movie, I noticed the many little details like adding Red in there and changing how the tank blows up is much more detailed now.

The only thing I noticed was some of the sound effects seemed to be off. I'd see a gun shoot then a second later hear the gun shoot. It may be something wrong on my end, since some other movies are starting to act up now as well, no one else has commented on that.

Still, I love how the movie has improved so much. You're definitely getting better at this. Off to part 2.

CommanderX responds:

I hope I will not make sound efects in next episode but I not can promise anythink.

Nice job dude

You just gotta watch the spelling and grammar. I understand you don't speak much English so if you need help Commander, just PM or email me ;-)

CommanderX responds:

I will reanember it.

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4.65 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2008
7:16 PM EST