Qwerty Chronicles #6

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Qwerty Chronicles #6: The Sea Floor

Our hero fell for what seemed like hours, not knowing what lay below him at the base of that tall mountain. Our hero decides to just close his eyes and hope for the best as he awaits his certain demise untill...


Qwerty lands in the middle of a deep deep sea. "Hurray!" our hero thought as he realized what had happened, but our hero has forgotten that he cannot swim! The only way for our hero to make it back to dry land is to sink to the bottom of the sea and run back to shore.

Can he make it back to shore without being attacked by sea monsters?


good, but could use some work.

i don't do reviews much, i'm working on a system to make them easier on my head. this, however, i felt like i really needed to review. i just finished watching all the previous episodes and here's what i have to say:

1. your art work and music interpretation couldn't be better. i love the way everything seems to fit, although i bet that you find music and put a sequal to the story bent towards it :P. i'd personally watch these just for that: the art and the way the music just fits. the theme of the music fits, but the rhythm feels off. as a suggestion, maybe you could throw in some rhythm syncronization with the animationfor the next episode.

2. the story. it is definitely there, but as i said above i think you're just making it up as you go along. not that that's a bad thing, but it makes the series as a whole feel kinda choppy, especially without any of the stuff between episodes.

3. finally, the individual animations. i feel that if you put enough effort into it, the looping could be alot smoother and nicer, more watcher-friendly. i personally had trouble with the fact that it suddenly skipped back to the beginning. although it's a perfect indication of when the whole thing is done, i think it makes the animation feel less... umm, well, rounded. i don't mind the skip back to the beggining bit, but maybe you could make it a little less violent in the future (i recall that in one episode the animation skipped back to the start during the music, that, for example, could be done without)

sorry if this is too long or if i seem like i'm nagging, but i really think this could go alot further with a little more work. as in full movie further. your style is admirable and awesome, and you can tell that this is good quality animation, but with a little more work you could easily kick up the rating from 3 to 5.

or you could not listen at all to what i have to say. i definitely can't do this kind of stuff (even if i HAD flash yet >.<) and i feel like this art is godly. compared to me. otherwise:


Chaz-o responds:

Lol that IS a long review... But i do appreciate the effort you put into this.

I actually, animate whatever it is im doing, then search through the audio portal for appropriate music. I usually have an idea of what kind of music I want first such as music for underwater, a chase, ect. But, I might try to add some more rhythm to the next episode.

Yea... i am sorta making it up as I go but in making this entire series like it is (one big loop) I dont think i could add stuff inbetween and such so i have to fill the blank spaces in with story.

and yeah... next time, I wont let it sudenly jump back to the beginning... now that i figured out how to prevent that.

But dont worry, i listen to every review i get. Unless its crap.


I loved it

I love your style.

Chaz-o responds:

I like it too.


i like it and plz dont ask y i voted zero coz i do like it :)

Chaz-o responds:

I can tell.


I imagine how the other episodes are...
I didn't see the movie till the end, i get bored, there is no action happening. So I will just put this review and you will reply to defend yourself, the graphics are good, err... not so good. But indeed, it's original

Chaz-o responds:

Imagining is completely different from experiencing.

There is no real "end" and if it is the same things over and over isnt it safe to say the beginning IS the end?

Originality is what i am going for, with half the effort.

Yet again genius

I guess no one understands art

i've seen things that absolutely suck and they like it.

People are weird

Yet again, this is good

Chaz-o responds:

I couldnt agree more.

But everybody likes different things so i dont expect everyone to like it.

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3.05 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2008
4:51 PM EST
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