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Space Bubble

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NEWS: After one day only 0.3% of players made it to lvl 6!!! It's not so hard as it seems... Just use your brain. Friend of my made it to lvl 7 only hour after game release.

Logic game where you have to oraganize the planets to help the Space Bubble safely travel to its home planet.

Instructions: You have to navigate the bubble to its home planet(green). Move around by draging the ground. Use buttons to create planets which will attracs or repel the bubble. Set up the planets so the bubble will get to goal.
Press Space to stop the music.
More planets on one place means more power.
Even a slighest change of planet position can do much.

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For some reason, on level 6, it keeps popping when it hits the green bubble.. other than that, really good game.. simple, but challenging =]

Nice, but needs work.

Like the idea and pretty well done, it just needs some work.
-had to scroll a lot and took away from the fun
-had some spelling and grammar mistakes in the instructions
-improve the graphics: don`t just make the different shades of blue, add a texture or something so you could really make them apart, and make the counter for the planets smaller so it would fit

Other than that , it`s really a great game, which needs some minor improvements to turn great.

Antriel responds:

This is my second game ever.. so i have still a long way to be PRO.
English is not my big friend :) iam not using it much and I was making that tutorial at 2:00 am.. :)
thx for review.. i have tried to use textures.. but simple colors just looks better.. iam not desinger :( i cannot even draw a stickman.

I have an idea of Space Bubble 2: The Revenge of Planets, so i'll try to do something about it :)

Nice One

I like the concept..but i couldn't get pass the second level. it's really hard.

Antriel responds:

hmm maybe sometime i will post some screenshots.. but not now.. i will wait few days to see how it goin.. i have bot on 7th and master level.. master lvl is really hard.. it took me 2 hours to get throught it but it's really "fascinating". At least for me :)

I found a glitch.

We'll, when i started the game. I wasn't able to read the instructions to learn how to play. So i closed the box, and opened the game back up. So i can start the game over. But instead, it brought me back to were i left off. So i don't fully understand how to play the game.

Also, when it comes to giving instructions on how to play a game. I would suggest you place that in the menu bar on the front page. So we can take time to read how to play the game. Instead of having the instructions thrown at us.

Antriel responds:

This was my biggest problem in this game.. iam still newbie so thx for review.. i will add some instructions to comment.

quite addictive but not my sorta games

its nicely done but i dont like these sort of games 4/5 because its nicely made