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Chompys Chocolate Factory

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Hello and welcome to Chompy's Chocolate Factory!
We're so glad you volunteered to help us.
To start, we need you to help us sort our chocolates by their wrapper color.
To do this, highlight chains of chocolate hearts by clicking on them.
To finish a chain, double click the last heart and those chocolates will be considered "Sorted".
For each chain of candy you sort you will earn stars!

Be quick!

You must meet your quota before lunch or production will stop, and our world will be without chocolate!

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not bad

i actually kinda liked it. of course it wasn't challenging it's a children's game......even though i lost on the third round..... anyway the only problem i saw in it was the lighting the candles thing was tricky bcuz it didn't go exactly on the candle so you had to find where you needed it. otherwise great game.


A very cool game, and quite cute, too. ^^ The game was very straightforward and easy to understand. Though I have never been a fan of tetris-style games, I found this to be pretty entertaining. :P
Though not a game I'd say every Newgrounder would enjoy, it is a solid and well-made game worthy of a good score. Nice job!

I liked it some

Pretty cute game. Looked a bit like Bejeweled, except the chocolates kept rising upward instead of dropping down and spawning more from the top. I guess this could mean some sort of breakoff from the original game, which can be nice yet inconvenient in some situations depending on luck.
Lol, no more chocolate for anyone if I 'happen' to mess up.

This game

was great! I like how the game looked cartoony, but still had parts of it that were challenging and fun.

can't wait for the sequal if you make one, and way to give it to cheezy-al.

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Thanks! =) There probably won't be a sequel but we are working on a flying game.

That was pretty boring.

the idea for this game is not very original, if at all. the creativity was ok at best. i found the colors were not contrasting enough. This is a game for children, not teenagers or adults. so with that being said why was it posted on newgrounds? there is some talent here it just needs to be used in a more useful way. keep trying.

ArneTheTurtle responds:

Yes it is a children's game. Last I checked, there were no rules written in stone about teens and adults being the only audience at Newgrounds, nor is there any rule stating that teens and adults don't enjoy children's games.

Strout's Ink has been successfully making games for 3 years but hey, I bet you're way more talented than we are. Have a nice night!

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
5:42 PM EST