Free Rider 2

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Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!


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I would have voted bigger but its horrible cause it is hard to move and right is stupid

This is the pinnacle of sports and puzzle games. It takes the idea of the first game and runs with it even further than before. Adding in new features, new ways to play and even more players to share with makes this game nothing short of a masterpiece in terms of flash games. The third game was a major let down in my opinion, so I'm very happy that this still holds up today after eight years.

Credits & Info

4.73 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
4:12 PM EST
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