Free Rider 2

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Draw your own track and ride it!
Menus on both sides, with new stuff, controls in the lower right corner in-game.

Updates from Free Rider (1)
-Draw Scenery
-Draw Curves
-Lots of new Vehicles.
-And more.

Accelerate = UP
Brake = DOWN
Lean Left = LEFT
Lean Right = RIGHT
Turn Around = Z
Restart = ENTER

Good luck!

All reviews will be responded to.
(but not anymore, thanks to figikii)

Hey, i see the score has gone up 1.8 points!!!!!


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-18 1i 18 1i,18 1f 16 27 12 2s u 3c c 35 -1 2k -d 24 -p 1o,j -3u p -3b 1f -33 g -30,c -3b 15 -2l 23 -20 2r -1f 3i -v 4e -m 58 -j 62 -h 70 -f,11 1g 1i 33 1v 4o 2a 66 2l 7h 32 94 3i aq 49 cb 53 dq 5t fc 6p h0 7o ii 96 j5 ae jj bo k3 cq kf e3 ko fe ku h0 l4 ic l8 jq lc lb lh mt ll of lj ph lb q6 km q7 jp q2 in pr hq pi gv op g8 nl fq mn fc lt es ku e1 jt ci iu b3 i1 9p h4 8g g9 7a fd 65 h5 7i it 8p kv 9l n3 9m p5 9i r7 9d t9 97 v9 91 113 8p 135 8d,135 8d 154 81 16s 7h 18g 71 19q 6i 1b5 63 1c8 5m 1da 5a,5v -m 78 -m 8m -g a4 -7 be 1 cv d eh r g4 1d hq 1v jh 2i l8 33 mo 3e o7 3n pd 3p qi 3n ri 3i sq 3e u7 3b vp 38 114 35 12j 32 143 2v 15l 2s 179 2p 18u 2m 1ak 2i 1cc 2f 1dk 20 1d0 p 1ce -6 1d7 -15 1ea -1h 1fb -1s 1g9 -26 1h5 -2d 1hv -2h 1j2 -2l 1kb -30 1lj -3e 1mp -34 1nl -2d 1og -1o 1pb -13,1d7 5c 1e9 64 1fc 6s 1gi 7g 1hs 85 1j4 8t 1kp 9l 1me a8 1ns ap 1p3 b7 1on 9i 1od 8b 1pk 7c 1qv 6p 1s3 6a 1tf 5l 1uk 52 1vq 4d 212 3o 22f 3i 23k 3i 24o 46 25m 5b 26n 5t 27q 6b 296 6j 2ak 4p 2bn 3b 2d5 1o 2e4 q 2f7 n 2g7 11 2h6 6 2i8 3 2j1 -4 2jn 6 2kd 4 2kv -5 2lc -n 2lo -16 2ma -1b 2mq -1l,1p4 -13 1q7 -u 1rc -12 1se -16 1th -1b 1uq -1d 20f -1e 221 -1g 23m -1h 25f -1i 27a -1k 293 -1q 2a9 -2b 2bf -2v 2ce -3e 2dc -3t 2ep -47 2gb -4h 2hj -4v 2iq -5i 2k3 -66 2lc -6o 2mm -74,40 -38 2m -35 16 -3a -v -3h -31 -3i -57 -3c -7e -33 -9k -2l -bc -21 -aa -2 -8k 14 -72 26 -5l 2u -41 3m -2m 4a -1h 4s -c 5d l 5q 1b 61 u 52 f 46 2 3c -9 2n#2gn -3h 2ec g,2hv 0 2mg -4,2m6 -9 2ec 8,2gl -12 2ei -4l,2d0 -5b 2i9 -27,2pb -8k 28o -14,2fb -54 2bt -2f#S 5n 2k

I would have voted bigger but its horrible cause it is hard to move and right is stupid

This is the pinnacle of sports and puzzle games. It takes the idea of the first game and runs with it even further than before. Adding in new features, new ways to play and even more players to share with makes this game nothing short of a masterpiece in terms of flash games. The third game was a major let down in my opinion, so I'm very happy that this still holds up today after eight years.

i have created the massive wheel of fortune warning: map may cause eye irratation or head aches.

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Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2008
4:12 PM EST
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