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my first game submited , please leave friendly comments


great game, i would love to see more from you...

Great game, loved it, but as for the scoring, it's pretty much impossible, and I've got to like 8,520 points...but overall, it was pretty awesome...

the reason that i gave it a 9/10 is because that game is similar to the game called Pingu...

I think that I would like to see more originality from your games (i'm not tryin to hurt your feelings but i would, though)

I can see a future in your game making, just keep it up and you'll be as good as [insert flash artist name here] or anyone else!

ro1002 responds:

I made this game for a project I didn't won. in which the employer requested a game similar to that of yetisports.Thank you for your comments.

wait what?

Have you even tried your game? Max 11581? I made perfect timing attempts and the farthest I could get is 6239. Are you sure you got that right? Aside from that I have very few complaints. It's a nice game, good for a first, but it isn't anything new, and could use some forms of advancements from its competition such as levels, or items.

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ro1002 responds:

I made this game for a project I didn't won. I'm afraid you are right in that it is impposibel to reach 11.581. I made last minute modifications to the game, adding a score that was not intended initially.
I just reached 9783.


this is great for ur first game, ur goin to make some sweet ass games i think

ro1002 responds:

Thanks for your comments.

the new kitten cannon!

but in kitten cannon there are little thingys to bounce off of but VERY VERY VERY good for your first game!

ro1002 responds:

Thank you. This is not the first game. It's the first .uploaded.The first game I programmed was the classic pong style , made in Pascal.


very addicive - why cant i get that high score...aaarghghhghgh

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ro1002 responds:

You are right.I'm sorry. It seems to be a mistake in game programming.

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2.67 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2008
4:23 PM EST
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