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Ant Splat

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This is my 3rd Actionscript 3 game.

Goal of the game is to splat the ants before the time runs out each level. You splat them by moving your finger around with the mouse and then clicking to splat.

You get points based on your splat %, so the more misses... the less points you get. You also get a multiplier for splatting multiple ants at the same time.

Red ants lay larvae, that hatch more ants. So it's best to get rid of them quickly.



I had 7 ants left on wave 10!!!!! AWESOME GAME BECAUSE ANTS MUST DIE!!!


Im in second!


I found a couple things that could be worked out, but otherwise, this is a great game.

--You can click and hold down the mouse, and then release it when over an ant. Releasing is the only thing that sets off the squashing. So...maybe if you found a way to make pressing the mouse button the activation, it'd be better.

--If you squash 2 at once, your percent goes over 100. I've gotten 156% and the score's near 1000 per ant.

MaxManning responds:

You can get over 100% because it is possible to splat more than 1 ant at a time.

thanks for checking the game out, glad you liked it so much.

I enjoyed it!

Very nice, I wouldn't be able to make that on life. Very well done, and made good job!

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out, glad you liked it so much.

Its an easy game...

And therefore, its downfall. Not enough creativity. Its fun to squish bugs, and all... but to make a game of it? Eh... I'll give it a 1.

MaxManning responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

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3.69 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2008
11:44 AM EST
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