Starsky & Hutch: Alt. End

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Starsky And Hutch: Alt. Ending

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, stars of the film version of Starsky And Hutch, a hit 70's cop show set in New York, don't want you to see their most disasterous out take. But sadly for them, I have it. Here in this animated short you can see the downfall of New York's finest, allbeit unorthadox, police officers.


A short animation which I started years ago after watching the film, S&H, which I soon stopped due to sound sync problems. Late last year I discovered how to fix this problem and I completed the cartoon, rushed as it was. For months I have been meaning to upload this, just to see how it would do. Alas, since the update of NG, I have not been able to upload ANYTHING on my PC, so I have resigned to using my father's PC which has done the trick.

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Chitch, what the crap?!!

Don't worry, I'm not mad. Believe it or not, I've never seen Starsky and Hutch, either. I'm guessing they did some dramatic jump at the end or something, no? Well...

I laughed. Pretty loud. I hope I didn't wake the people the next room over; 'tis 3:20 AM. It made me think of Dukes of Hazards though... I'd love to see them crash.

\ ^o^ /

I rarely do those face things. I have to type perfectly in an almost obsessive compulsive manner.


P.S. The graphics were great. I saw that more work was put into them, what with the car being nice and everything. All the other graphics were good, too. I'm beginning to ramble.

Chitch responds:

Indeed you are beginning to ramble! But HEY! It makes for a more interesting read. Well, actually, if you see the credits in the film, it has outtakes and one of the first is a failed jump, but the crash doesn't flip the car. It IS very Dukes Of Hazard, isn't it? Great stuff ;)
I'm glad that you liked the graphics! Thanks for the review!


I thought I would see starsky and hutch, but this was really odd. still I liked the car and the backgound stuff so I give you a overall 7.

Chitch responds:

Whey! Thanks, pal. That was my old style, realistic looking stuff, but that style makes animating people extremely hard, so I've scrapped it. Thanks for the review!


Dude,I dig the art on this.Really good.And a funny short.

Chitch responds:

Alright! People digging my stuff is very nice :D
Thanks for the review!


oh man the cars are great this is a good short,also the starky and hutch logo is done very very good.

Chitch responds:

WHEY HEY! I'm glad you liked the car and the logo! The logo took an hour or so if I remember correctly. It was Owen Wilson's lips that gave me trouble ;) I already had the guns drawn. And the car! Great fun to draw! Thanks for reviewing!

for real man

that probly hapend they had to jump alot of cars to bad it was a cartoon

Chitch responds:

It did happen, actually. It was an outtake on the start of the credits. But it wasn't an alternate ending!
Well, you didn't like it, but still, thanks for reviewing! It's all good :D

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 7, 2008
8:16 AM EST
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