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Flash Game Tutorial 101

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***July 23rd 2010: I will be making a new one very soon.***

I have resubmitted it adding in some final touches to it. This took quite a while to make. Rate fairly, this was intended to help new people to flash into game development.


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Sorry for this silly question, but what program should I use for the flash games?


this has been really helpful to me but i'm struggling with the "facing where he walks". i do an image of the character stood still and one of the character moving, on seperate frames, and convert them both to movie clips, but i don't know how to put them both into one movie clip after that. gotten that far at the moment and it has been really useful up to there, if you could explain this a little better then i would be very thankful.
thanks again for this tutorial, a lot sompler and easier to understand than most of them on here.

Thanks you!

This tutorial is very simple, strait forward, and above all, useful. I'm glad I found this!
10/10 5/5


that's so cool, it really helped out.
I was able to do everything that the tutorial had in it
Thanks again.!!!!!

it's awesome !

ok... i put actions and properties after...

and when i will past the code ( for bring my guy alive), i dont now where i past the code !

can you helpme guy?

xHeavyMetalx responds:

You must paste the code in the actionscript panel.