the world through my eyes

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About 4 years ago i used to make an animated series "the world through my eyes", it was a sketch show with original characters and some based off of real people, it was poop, hence i stopped making it.
I always wanted to go back to it and do some kind of a remake or make a "new version".

Recently i have gained acces to the new version of flash, (which is off the chizain!) it has loads of new effects and cool stuff that you can do now, so i thought it would be fitting to get acustomed with these new features and remake an old series of mine now only good!!

This is only the intro for now i would like to hear some feedback so that i can improve this part of the animation and progress it further.

regards Matthew "woodhall" Woodhall.



It wasn't terrible... But is looks as if you have tricked a lot of people. They probably watched the first 10 seconds then closed it. Well thats about all there really was! haha.
The graphics were a nice demonstration of tweening. The song is one of my top ten least favorites. I really want to give this a 0, but it deserves a 4 for humor.

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For proper feedback I'd really need to see more. All I can think of at the mo is that when the trees shone the light even went under them. Try getting rid of that.


I liked it, nice job.

not bad

godd job on the sound


I think you should add a play button, personaly i hate, when yopu set something to load, check something else out, and suddenly you hear how something starts making noise and when you realize what it is you have missed like 30 seconds....

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2.43 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2008
9:05 AM EST
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