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This was my submission for my Animation 3 class (last year). The class was mostly about character animation. Let me briefly run down what was required for the assignment:

- Run around the university and record the responses of those who answer the question(s).
- From those responses, create an animation that would depict the character as you would imagine it from the voice alone.
- The question that was asked was (not my choice by the way): If you could be a super hero, what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?

This was no doubt one of the best character designs I had ever created (bonus points to anyone who knows what inspired the character model). While the assignment was about character animation, it was more important to express what was said through facial features. Therefore, behold some of the best lip sync and eye brow shuffling I could pull out in a few days! Surprisingly I managed to walk away with pretty high marks.

I do realise that there is no pre-loader. When the animation was made it was designed to be easily placed alongside other animations (similar to the show 'Creature Comforts'). I was planning on adding a pre-loader before submitting it to Newgrounds but I couldn't find the original work files (plus I protected my file). It's a 2.6mb file that lasts no more than 15 seconds (had to be of very high quality), so bear with it. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Please feel free to leave comments. I'd love to hear what you all have to say about it.

Don't expect much from the animation though.

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i like your retro style! very "fairly odd parents/danny phantom LOL. its my favourite style. Also conveniently i love Nick Parks production, creature comforts. and you have got the theme nailed. LOL. nice idea. however the dinosaur sound effect was a tad poo. :D non the less. i enjoyed this very much

Quite funny

What this really needs is a few small, but vital amendments:

1) A preloader. I don't think that you should be making this into a loop, as it does tend to stop it being such a good flash, otherwise. Plus, you could ahve some credits at the end that way as well :)

2) A blank screen, with the question "What would your best career be?" or something like that. Then you've got the angle to have the character answering the question.

I quite like your style of animation - reminds me of the style they use in "The Fairy Godparents" I think that was what it was called (Let's hear it for Children's TV as a hang over cure :P) It may have been a little short, but it does have quite a few bits of decent manipulation within, so you have got more than a basic grasp, that's to say the least.

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KlinKlinK responds:

1) I already mentioned in the description that I couldn't add the pre-loader. I couldn't find the original .fla files I needed. Believe me, I was kicking myself when I found out about it. Nevertheless, I still wanted to see what the Newgrounds community would think of it. Rest assured that I will have a pre-loader for all my other animations here.

2) The question would have been a really good idea. However, like I mentioned in the review below, this was meant to be placed alongside other animations that the rest of the class did.

Thanks for the review.


Hey, I noticed that the character was inspired by Fairly Odd Parent, huh? Since u managed to mention it in your comment, I guess it's no big deal.

I might not be a pro in flash (due for not taking any class at all), but I think there's a room for improvement. Like make the camera go shake abit when the female character push the dude with her power.

Anyway, it's an average work.


KlinKlinK responds:

I would have added more (like the camera shakes), but it wouldn't have fit with the other animations in the class. Remember, every animation was meant to be compiled into one huge movie file (Quicktime I suppose since the uni I go to loves Macs). Think of it like the show 'Creature Comforts'.

Thanks for the review.


Fairly oddparents right? XD Last cartoon I used to watch before I couldn't stand to watch them anymore

KlinKlinK responds:

Haha. Awesome.

Thanks for the review.

Fuck off, She´s Wanda...

Hahaha... Anyway is fun, and the animation is neat.
But I´d dare to say that, more than "be inspirated" you almost raped the Fairly Godparents character designs...
But I´d like to see another animation in this style. You did well, and it´d be interesting to see what could you do with a longer script.

KlinKlinK responds:

Indeed, it does look like Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents. However, I 'was' inspired by it. I wouldn't be that stupid post my animation here if I blatantly ripped it off.

I will (hopefully) be doing another animation, but I am not sure if it will be in this style. Only time will tell.

Thanks for the review.

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Feb 5, 2008
4:40 AM EST
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