Death to Chip (Episode 1)

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Chip is a failure at life. But its okay because he can come back from the dead.

This is my first flash movie. Hope you like it.

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It's good but not Great. For one thing it could have been longer plus there wasn't that much Animation. plus the guy with Glasses was talking way too fast and i only got Donut Projector out of thre hole 20 seconds of him talking. Also I thought you said he could come back from the dead. all i saw Chip do was climb out of a tree get the edge of a cliff poked through his skull then fall for like like 7 seconds and get impaled on Sharp pointy rocks...

quite funneh

quite funneh but teh animation sucks actually anywai howd u make da preloader i dont get it evry1 can make 1 except me :/

stanley15 responds:

i look at tutorials

not bad man

the only thing i would have lilked to see different was a few different types of deaths for him to face, like really bizzare ones or easter egg deaths, like, death by peanut butter, or death fuck i dunno,. more deaths this little fucker does not deserve to live!

stanley15 responds:

Thats why im making more episodes so he can die in many different ways

LOL that was amazing.

Great video, actually the best one ive ever seen.

::cough:: I am impartial to this video because I helped make it. ::cough:: lol


Very good for Your first Flash man :) loved the Loading Screen :) ISUBMIT
LOL uR flash shall not be blammed it shall Pass :o

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2008
6:01 PM EST
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