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mini game hell half done

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made with liveswif
I know it half way done so there no way in hell it will pass but I just really want to get some feed back.
All I want you to do is comment im not going to ask you to vote 5 just comment!

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I enjoyed it

I enjoyed it very much, I understand that there isnt a story because it is a game of minigames, I also see in it that it says half done, So those guys who gave you a zero were wrong, it wasnt misleading, and it doesnt need a story, I enjoyed More interactivity would be nice, but very great for a beginning Flash animator, I myself use liveswif also, I'd also like to say that if you dont have constructive criticism, Wolf1520, You shouldnt post a review.


the name is misleading

cool name but lame game

elbarto66 responds:

but tell me what I can do better

I think it has good potential..

but as of now sucks.. Which you said would happen. This could be a cool game if you fixed a couple errors:
1) the whole "OH NO I'M BLOCKED" *right click move glitch* is bad in games like this.. I don't know how, but you should fix that.
2) music would be nice
3) some kind of better interactivity.. such as... collecting things other than 3's and up.. make like.. 1's and 2's you gotta avoid or something..
4) what's with the pac-man ghosts?? Make your own kind of enemy... (refer to #3)

elbarto66 responds:

ya your right and I will work on that.
thanks your comment really did help


dude just no! simple as what was the point of the game? maybe wit an intro u could hav explained something! that was just random in a bad way

elbarto66 responds:

I don't think you should really give it a 0
but thanks at lest you comment

I gave it a 3

i suggest you can make it a game that:
1. You survive for X:XX time.
2. You must wait till the enemies turn green then eat them and collect all rates then you win.

Anyways keep it up


elbarto66 responds:

ya I will work on it
thanks for the comment