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[SG]~ Not Dead

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OK here's a little background onwhat happened to the Shades Gang during December. Lampshades, our former leader, got a little emotistic about how not many flashes had been produced that month (even though we were all working on collabs) so he went bylistic and closed the forum claiming it had been "hacked" soon after it closed it was reopened but all the topics and posts where gone, ergo we had to get a new site. luckily a newer member "nova shades" had opened a backup forum on his website skystill.com . from there we got our own domain ( http://www.Shadesgang.com )

thats not exactly what happened to the finest detail but its enough to see you through the movie. now the plot

nova shades is walking through the old forum. he stops and a tear drops from his face.
I (iceblockshades) apeer from this small amount of water.
we nod our heads and we go off to find a new site.
we arrive at skystill.com
nova creats the forum
we send out a bunch of NG private messages to the SG members
the members show up (only a few shown :o)
it fades out

audio~ greth of choas
animation~ iceblockshades
concept~ its wat happened to the SG no0b

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nope not so entertaning

and is the shapes gang even real? i liked it a little doe

Not bad...:)

Its little boring!:D

iceblockshadez responds:



This flash sucks. Not only was the animation subpar, but it was too short and the concept was total shit. So what, nova shades cries and then iceblock was born from the tears?

Then suddenly some other shades come in a random forum? What the hell?

We're not all sg members, try to explain next time.

iceblockshadez responds:

this review has always befuddled me. you bash the movie saying the animation sucks and such yet you clearly gave it a ten...


Good for the combacks

I hate to say it, but this was pretty crappy. You had a good start, but it wasn't the full thing...

you didn't include Tiki and Ninja being one of the first ones to be back, WAAAAAAAY before you were even accepting the idea that we are back. You should take what you have here, and add a lot more of the story, instead of a 30-flash. Spending time on flash makes it great, and I would nominate your flash to higher places. People will enjoy it more, and you get better reviews and votes.

Just a suggestion...

iceblockshadez responds:

i included myself cause its my flash. i couldent find a avi for you.

i did incude banana :3

actually, pretty cool.

well, im proud to say that this is one of the best sg related flash you done. it could have more stuff here, and in some other parts... maybe some more songs, or some longer part where you would show the other members that appeared that they attracted more and more people, and that they want to help the young animators and many others, or also put some voices, but its ok. i liked it. very nice, man..

iceblockshadez responds:

thanks circle.