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Hey Everyone! Im back with my second Newgrounds animation in a while. This little diddy was a school project we were given a week to complete. Unfortunately, I don't have a tablet so all of this was drawn with a good ol' mouse. Took me about 4 nights to complete. So here it is...... Please comment and let me know what you think of it.

Oh, and for those of you who don't know how to read credits and want to know the song.... its "Prayer of the Refugee" by Rise Against!

Hey ! Thanks for the front page ! and thanks to everyone who liked it.

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Fairly different

I guess I am so used to hearing Guitar Something in a game, I was surprised this was not one. It is interesting how you made a sort of satire about how the game works. It was fun to see the game on the TV screen, but the parts where he starts playing is when it really gets good. I do not understand why the characters were rabbits, but I guess why not? The best thing about this was the animation. The effects used during his fantasy were the best, but even the more mundane ones were good.

It's especially cool just to see the sketchy work in the black and white parts. Contrasting that with the character and his fantasy was nice to see. While not the most insightful of cartoons, still fun to watch. From the loading screen with the house, you really have little idea what is going to happen. It was good to listen to and look at, basically.

beastly but with the dinner it...

fked the whole thing off im giving you five for the beastly part


his mom saying dinner at the end killed the vidio


You drew this just with your mouse?... Bloody well!


hmmmmmmmmmm...it was a good movie, cute funny, but it felt like it was missing something. i liked the song choice, but the song was being a bit skippy. it mightve been my speaker or something, but i dont know. anyways, ill give it a 9.