Dragon Knight - Episode 1

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Author Comments

Well here it is at last. 6 months of hard work. I hope you all enjoy the first episode of the Dragon Knight series.

You start off as a young hero in the small village of accorn. The people of the land are looking to you to save them from the dragon's reign of tyranny. You decide to help, but your reasons have more to do with settling an old score when the dragons killed your parents. Its time to make them pay for what they have done

"AWSD or "Arrow keys" to move character
"SPACE" to attack with weapon in hand
"SHIFT" to cast magic slotted
"i" = Opens control menu in the game
"K" = Opens character menu
"M" = opens Dynamic Mapping -

123 = changes weapon in the tool belt
456 = changes magic spell in tool belt

As you increase in level you will get destiny points you can add to your character health, magic, or swing speed. You can also customize the look of your character in the character screen.

There are spoiler hints in the mapping and in the list of quest. If you get stuck, you can just press down with the left mouse click to receive a hint or a clue.

If you manage to find, unlock and complete the secret quest you will be given the 3rd magic spell and a little cool surprise in the character screen when you click the completed secret quest slot. Also for those good enough to complete the quest, use the "7" key to tun the item on and off..

Good luck and hope you enjoy playing the first Episode of the Dragon Knight series. Please leave a review.

(The save points in the game are only in-game progression save points, they do not create a save file which you can load later. If enough people request it, I will do it.)

To see a spoiler page on the game. -
http://www.tricountintera ctive.com/dkwalktrhough.h tml

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This is a good game but here a some suggestions 1 add some better music 2 try to make the graphics futuristic like ummm zelda or link yeah 3 make an epic boss theme to kill the dragons and they should take turns to attack like hero does slash 10 damage and dragon uses claw 10 damage oh good game oh yeah one more thing try to make the characters move and say different things and a wider variety of weapons and hopefully armor and shields so yeah good game i loved but kept on getting killed oh 1 more thing make the heros voice heroic ok peace.


i love this game but dude plz tell me how to finish pixie quest/how to get pixie rune plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz its driving me crazy!
still a good game

RJMasters responds:

The Secret Pixie Quest. To start you need to catch enough fish and fisherman Bob gives the quest. You then go up to pixie field and you will see king. Tlak to king and select yes. At the time you select yes you start a timer. You must catch the pixie king 3 times before the timer runs out. First screen is directly to right (compass area) Throw net and catch him. Then run up to the next screen. Pixie king runs around hole where litus flower use to be, Catch him. Then run like crazy left 2 screens, go down stairs, and run through spitting plants. In the screen where the gian spider use to be the Pixie king will be in the middle. Catch him Quick before time runs out!!! The lighting rod magic will appear. Pick it up and there you have it. Its cool too!!. Enjoy. Glad to see people still enjoy playing this game. PS: press the numer "7" to make net go away and come back.


Too glitchy for me. The wall collision detection annoyed me especially. It seems like a pretty good game however, and with a few added features and a few glitches fixed it could be much better than it is.


RJMasters responds:

Thanks for Playing. It was my first Flash game I ever created. I know its a bit buggy on the collision stuff, maybe sometime I will have time to work on episode two and make improvements.

Not to shabby

Not bad it reminds me LoZ which is a good thing

RJMasters responds:

Thanks for giving it a play.

10 cuz im in good mood,didnt like it

LOL i was kidding a very good game it deserves a 10000
congrats and i cant wait for secind chapter=)

RJMasters responds:


Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2008
4:51 PM EST
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