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The Elemental Wheel

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This is the Elemental Wheel. This is the real table of elements. Don't let any of those people in their places of learning tell you any differently. This is the real thing.

Please only find bugs, because I am not willing to have a discussion about the correctness of the actual content, unless you have undisputable scientific proof that can be verified in a court of law.

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What the heck is this crap? Trolls, dragons, elves, and dwarves don't even exist, and half of this doesn't even make sense. I'm sorry, but the world is not made of this. We could live without fire, which in fact is actually superheated gas (like Oxygen, Nitrogen, ect. which ARE elements) and ash, not an element. I can't tell if you're trolling, an idiot, or just 7 years old. The Periodic Table is what makes up the world, and you obviously either dropped out, wasn't paying attention, or just refused to believe school. Because the Periodic Table has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED a thousand times over. The only reason I gave this 1/2 a star is because this could be a nice reference for a tower defense game. that's about it. The graphics and audio aren't even good, and the interactivity is very low. Please, for the love of god, go back to school.


this is a very cool knowledge game but how about making more animation and a cool back round with a couple of secrets to find now that will teach us stuff and it will be challenging and fun.
over all simply excellent


I like very much elements


Wow, this makes MUCH more sense than what they teach in schools!

I happened to notice that the sound section is hard to click on. Other than that, I'm guessing that that last, solid ring is "Existance"? I tried to click on it, but it didn't work, so it probably isn't part of the wheel.

I like this system of elements...

so wood is make out of water?

isn't it water and earth? anyway, i actually like it, thanks for posting it. but a little sentence that pops up for each category would be nice.

Serpent60 responds:


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3.55 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
7:33 PM EST