Mario versus Tetris Pt 2

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Well part 2 is here. Yeah, I know it has been about a week, only, since part 1 was released.

Anyone who saw part 1 knows what it's about, anyone else I strongly suggest watching that one first. The story is one that needs to be followed.

When voting, please don't take into consideration the black boxes around explosion effects, those I will try to fix come next time. Also, keep in mind it has less action than important story progress. Because of this, be open to storyline more than mindless combat scenes.
Thank you.
-SoraSlayer (I am not responsible for any offended kingdom heart fans.)

I am still debating whether or not to start the production of part 3... if anybody really wants it (although a lot of the people I know personally...) then please PM me or tell me and I'll start planning it/making it. Also any suggestions may or may not help. And don't complain about all FF music...there's nothing wrong with FF music!

--Okay I've been thinking for about 5 minutes and I just started to make "Mario Versus Tetris Pt 3"!!!!
I'll start today (2/25/08) so if I put in about an hour/day then I can finish by the end of this weekend. By monday, it should be fully in newgrounds in all of its sub-3-ratings!

Part 3 has been submitted!




ok. better this time. this time the story line makes way more sense but he should of died because he was that close to the bomb. but thats too much logic. although it would be cooler if the mountain started to explode and then jump off like in the REAL movies. you know like james bond. and in the real game super mario bros 2 only luigi can jump that high!!!!!! but overall its pretty good i feel like a critic " The Jovani times gives it a 9 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Still after all those complaints i still liked it!!!!


4 outa' 5 8 outa 10 ight? Anyway... I couldn't read like half the text cause it was like way too fast, yet some other sentences took too long to get to the next text... so... you might wanna even that out...

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This was good, but why did lue kill l-block if they were both on the same side?

Can't wait to see A.S.G. plus I hope you take time to make the next one because I feel like you can probly get it to be awsome.

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very good

very nice movie, i liked the FF music you had in there, very creative. good job.

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Feb 1, 2008
6:49 PM EST
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