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This is a game i have made for a college assignment. Its a simple game were you use your mouse to find the spinning cube and click it to the next level.
with thanks to Cheshyre for providing the music.
Any comments will be greatly appreciated thanks.


Not that it's not good.

But how about adding score adding and deduction that would be nice.
A timer and perhaps some Blink 182???


it was ok, but it was lacking an objective. you may have needed like a time limit or point system.

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sameth90 responds:

yeaa i need to add a timer or something to it i think
Thanks for your comment

gut gut gut

needs a preloader though :l

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sameth90 responds:

Yeaa i made the game and forgot all about a preloader. I will definatly add one if i make a new version


i thought this was gonna be a bad game, but the minute i clicked "play this game"
i was wrong......
as simple as the objective is, the game itself is great
the only thing i can suggest is a time limit
to make it more challenging
5/5 10/10
keep up the good work, and if i was ur teacher id give u A+++++++++++

sameth90 responds:

Thanks for the great score mate.
I think thats a good idea, the game dose need some kind of scoring system.
Thanks again

It's a pretty simple game...

Though I think it would be better with a time limit.

sameth90 responds:

Yeaa i will have to add one of them i think. It needed something to give motive.

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2.57 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
4:35 PM EST
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