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Soul Sister

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Night after night I've had this dream... I see a girl in the attic window of this old asylum. She scream out in fear, a scream that wake me up. It seem as my only hope to get rid of this nightmare and hopefully help the girl in need, is to confront it.

Night fall as I open the rusty gate to the abandoned building that is holding more memories of screams, despair and lunacy than any man or woman can handle. What has happened here?

Note: This is a playable demo release, taking you about half way through the game.
The demo ends when the scary part is about to begin and the tragedy behind the story is about to be revealed... It was initially created in 2003-2004 and was recently (december 2007) completed to this playable state. Time will tell if it ever will be completed. (More horror to be added if finished)

Credits: Storyline, game play concept and solutions by Daniel Wiberg and Mattias Sköld - Nasturtium Inc. 2003 - 2004. Background images drawn and colorized by Mattias. Heroine, production design, sounds and programming by Daniel Wiberg, www.dawnland.com.

Music by Mircalla - mircalla.dawnland.com

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This like a trailer to a really good movie , please do make more and longer . Thanks to the shadow in the shower room I will have to check my drawers lol . Great start and maybe add a graveyard .

dawnland responds:

Thank you very much! Yes - a graveyard was planned (deeper into the game).
Sorry, but as I've written earlier - it most likley won't be finished. Encouragement like this make me wan't to reconsider.

how do you go insdide the house

Very well made game. You KNOW we are all dying for the full version. Great work. I hope you do finish this one!!

life with resident evil 4 the orphan school

Too sad that you will not finnish the game

Great artwork, character design, fantastic music and cool story. I love the contrast between the heroin with the red hair and the black/white sketchy enviroments. I would also like to see a complete game, but that will likely not happen. This game on an iPhone/iPhone would be even cooler. Great demo anyhow, a 10 for sure!

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4.01 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2008
7:59 AM EST