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Use your mouse to guide the submarine towards the hole and once you are close, click to plug the hole. Beware the walls, if you bump the submarine it will break.
The mission will not be easy because the submarine is out of control due to the rotation caused by the hole.

Move: Mouse.
Put the cork: Left mouse button.

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I thought this wasn't bad. I will admit it got frustrating. I still have to give it credit for trying to do something different. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's in no way bad. The best part is probably how peaceful it is. There aren't any real enemies.

It just seems like a soft game. It looks weird when you do end up dying. The sounds are pretty good. I guess the sound of waves in general is just soothing. It was pretty good.

Really quite good

In the first level, I was thinking, "What the heck is the point of the rotation? This is gonna be sooooo easy." Nope. Clever way to make that into the pivotal element of the game. Pretty original, as wall avoiders go. I liked the style in your drawings, and I think the success scene added a lot to the levels. Nice job. The only thing I would ask for is that it be able to save progress so one can come back to it.

not bad...

its ok... but why is my submarine rotating crazily??? i understand its the idea of the game but still silly.
And putting a cork ?? and bigger than my sub????

It would have been a lot better if the sub was an astronaut in a space station for example

pretty fun.

Level 6 is glitched. Some of the corners on the first squares will cause you to break, however you cannot see them.


Id like it if you had to clcik and hold to move the sub, having it follow the mouse can be difficult as the mouse tends to veer off screen sometimes, other then that fantastic.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2008
5:14 PM EST