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Goliath The Soothsayer

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Based on a true story from the mighty Mars Volta, Leffler Web Design in conjunction with Universal Records and Rodriguez Lopez Productions presents "Goliath The Soothsayer" - a tale which follows a supernatural mystery in the point-n-click style of the horror-pioneering flash game "Exmortis".

After the mysterious disappearance of your brother, you had been appointed to tend to his estate. But from the moment you entered his house, strange inexplicable things began to happen. And then one morning you woke up locked in the attic, held captive by a malevolent force. Work your way through the mystery behind your brother's disappearance and try to escape the fate that befell him months earlier.

If you like the game, then support the Mars Volta by ordering their album "The Bedlam in Goliath" from Amazon.com

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Very good! And a bit scary...

One annoying technical issue - some of the text messages don't get replaced when they should, e.g. messages saying "it's too dark to go there" after I've turned on the light.
The diary text was quite long, I didn't mind b/c it was fascinating, but it is more enjoyable usually to reveal the mystery/history in pieces... (though surely more difficult to write, so I can't remove another half star for that).

It's really good! It took me to think and found the way to end it in two ways. The good end and bad end.

This game was excellent! only problem i had with it was....too much text to understand the backstory. Other than that another Brilliant addition to Leffler's collection

This is a well-made game with two good endings, nice graphics, and several scary moments. Nice job, dude.

Not bad, although was extremely disappointed with the ending.
Graphics are great, music is creepy. Some of the jump scares were interesting....but it all kinda lead up to nothing. Had something actually scared me I would have rated higher. But pretty good job! Love the idea behind it if nothing else.

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4.53 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2008
9:45 PM EST