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2 people, 1 cup. This is a promo game for M&Ms to celebrate the arrival of the new orange sweet. It is a simple easy to play game where you just have to lob an M&M into a cup on your mate's head. After each level he moves back a bit. Score big for building a successful sequence.

We have used 2 guys from the office in the game although their heads are not normally this big. :-)



Gets boring once you found the 'Sweet Spot'

Good job.

It lost some value since it is basically an advert but looking past that, its a pretty good game and has a good amount of skill involved at first!

Great work, keep it up! :D

I like Peanut Butter

You find the right angle and power, then you do it like ten boring times in a row of the same shot. The distance you need to throw should change every one or two shots, not eleven. Maybe there could even be wind or obsticals or whatever

Billy! Wut you dun founded?!

Duhhh Paul, I dun founded a game!

The Bad
Not really a game you would spend lots of time on, more like a game you would play to see what it is. Could have used a little more effort, but its alright how it is.

The Good
I enjoyed it, and I'm not to much of a fan of these games, but hey, you did a good job. The faces were funny, added to the humor. Its a pretty good promo, should go pretty far, at least lets hope.

The 'WTF'
I can't really say much about this game because its short, pointless, and boring. But, all in all, its alright for the first time.

Billy and Paul are going to now mimic this flash by lighting M80's and trying to throw it in a cup tied to the bum leg kid next door.

A little bit strange.

This wasn't too bad for a game about M&Ms. The faces were a bit creepy, especially when you missed.

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2.78 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2008
10:31 AM EST
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